Premiere Watch: Meloholic (Episode 1 Recap)


I don’t know why I’m doing this. I saw people who’ve watched it and thought it was pretty okay/good so naturally I got curious and then I figured why not provide the ~gap~ in the community and recap the first episode for all those people who are curious whether to watch it or not too. Hope this helps!

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TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin for 1st Look

Super sleepy, can’t think of anything to type. Good night! Btw, more under the cut!

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Yunho and Changmin models Lacoste for W Korea

Mighty slick, may I say. Blacks and darks, love those on a guy. Heehee. Especially if those guys happen to be Yunho and Changmin. I’m not a DBSK fan and I’ve mentioned before that they’re actually the only people I care about in DBSK. Haha! Really sorry. They attended the New York Fashion Week in Manhattan and W Korea had an exclusive four nights and five days documentary of them. Anyway, more yummy pics under the cut! ❤

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