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Pretty much what it says in the title. Photos I’ve saved recently~

Or basically an excuse to post this goofy Sung Hoon gif. I seriously feel like he’s actively destroying and shedding his cool guy image. And I’m all for it! His stint in I Live Alone was too real. His real self seems to be well-suited for variety shows. SUNG HOON IN MORE VARIETY SHOWS PLEASE

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Arang and the Magistrate releases First Teaser

Arang and the Magistrate stars Lee Jun Ki on his first post-army drama and Shin Min Ah. It premieres on August 15 on MBC. Enjoy!

Two New Photos of Yoo Seung Ho and IU for G by Guess

*chants DATE DATE DATE until they date* Hahaha! If Yoo Seung Ho won’t be with me, he needs to be with IU. Hahaha! Anyway, here’s a photo of them together released earlier. So excited for the full catalogue!

Stills and Behind-the-Scene Photos Overload for Operation Proposal

And I mean, overload. While Operation Proposal is gearing up for its premiere tomorrow, I’m gearing up for it too by dumping all of these photos on you guys. Haha! Anyway, there’s around 40 photos in this post and it consists of stills though it’s there’s more of BTS photos. I have an exam so I just crammed posting this so forgive me if there’s no order in this. Anyway, enjoy because I sure did!

And yeap, that above photo isn’t really a BTS or a still but a photo from the conference days ago but it’s just so cute. Heehee.

Operation Proposal premieres tomorrow, February 8 at TV Chosun.

More under the cut!

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Operation Proposal releases Stills

We now get to see Lee Hyun Jin! Sigh, Yoo Seung Ho is just so cute I’ll always root for him no matter what. I can feel the second lead syndrome creeping up (like in the Japanese version) but I end up rooting for the guy every time. Yamapi, one of the Japanese actors I’m biased with who’s not great, played the lead in the Japanese version so yeah, I’m completely behind him every episode. I think the same will happen here. Anyway, Lee Hyun Jin looks so fiiiiiiine. Enjoy more stills under the cut!

Operation Proposal premieres two days from now on February 8 on TV Chosun.

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The Cast of Operation Proposal and Teasers

I’ve been waiting for more promotional materials to trickle out before I post the trailer. It’s so not HQ that I want it to be just a part of a post and not the spotlight to said post. So anyway, two group photos are under the cut and another teaser below! There’s Go Kyung Po, Park Eun Bin and Yoo Seung Ho of course, Kim Ye Won and Park Young Seo. Operation Proposal premieres on February 8 at TV Chosun. Enjoy!

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Teaser Photo for G by GUESS SS12 Campaign with IU and Yoo Seung Ho

They’re so cute! And they look so youthful and good together. Aaaaww, I suddenly remember their duet. ❤ Anyway, they look so good together I want them to date NOW. Hahahaha! That would make me really giddy though it’s gonna be bittersweet because I love YSH. But if he’s with IU, it’s alright with me because I adore IU!

Anyway, sigh, just a single photo… to tease us. WHY? I am SO on the lookout for more photos from this set. You bet I’m gonna post the photos when they’re released. Waiting~

Yoo Seung Ho for 1st Look

Three months late but whatever, Yoo Seung Ho is Yoo Seung Ho! Moaaaaarr under the cut!

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Yoo Seung Ho casted in the Korean Remake of Proposal Daisakusen

My my Yoo Seung Ho, keep on doing great things. Yoo Seung Ho is now confirmed to star in TV Chosun’s latest drama offering, the Korean remake of the popular Japanese drama Proposal Daisakusen, which I think the official title is Operation Proposal. The original starred Yamapi and Nagasawa Masami, which is about a man who realizes he’s fallen in love with his best friend, on her wedding day. He’s given a chance to change his ways and correct his wrongs from the past to hopefully get the girl by a church fairy. Hoot! This is one of my favorite JDramas and a specific spot in my heart is reserved for this. And now one of my fave Korean guys is casted as the Korean counterpart of Kenzou, I am in heaven~ Granted, Yoo Seung Ho is a much much better actor than Yamapi and that I hate Nagasawa Masami, but that didn’t hinder me from loving the drama. That just goes to say it’s good (in my opinion).

Yoo Seung Ho plays Kang Baek Ho and I seriously hope he gets a decent leading lady! *crosses fingers* The drama is described as a fantasy melodrama. The fantasy I get since he gets to travel back in time but it’s a melodrama? The original was a bit melo but it had its cute and funny moments too. I just hope it’s not BRING-ON-ALL-THE-TEARS melodrama ala Thousand Day Promise but that it’s just a human drama, with melo moments interspersed with comic ones.

I read some comments at Dramabeans who they peg or bet for being the female lead. Some say Jung So Min and some say Nam Ji Hyun. I actually think those are good choices but Nam Ji Hyun is tad too young I think to be married off. At least Jung So Min can do that. Now javabeans’ comment about Yoo Seung Ho not looking old enough to be marrying gets me a lil bit bothered. Sure, yeah, he already played one in Flames of Ambition BUT as javabeans precisely said, “Ah, phew. Well, that explains the casting of an 18-year-old, because no matter how good an actor Yoo is, I’m not sure I’d buy him feeling a lifetime of regret at the altar when he looks so fresh and young. Maybe a semester of regret.”

I chuckled at the last sentence but I am now confused. Will Yoo Seung Ho play a YOUNGER self of someone whose best friend is getting married or will he play both? Because, yeah, he DOESN’T look like someone who’s regretting his WHOLE life for not telling his best friend that he loved her or for that, not making a move. Anyway, we’ll see in the future, when stills and other promotional materials come rolling out. All I know is I’m FREAKIN’ excited for this!

The drama will begin filming this month and is slated to premiere on February 2012.

(Ooohh, how can I write a post this long about Yoo Seung Ho when I can’t write this fast for my academic papers? Sigh, the life of a fangirl.)

Sources: Dramabeans, endodo4ever

More Photos of Yoo Seung Ho for Customellow F/W 2011 Collection

I think these photos are so uninspired. No captivating dash of color, no nice pictorial set but just a big blank wall or cloth. Really, Customellow? Really? I much prefer his previous Customellow photos HERE with all the interesting setting and with all the facial expressions Yoo Seung Ho were sporting. And yeap, I don’t care about the clothes because WHO WEARS SCHOOL UNIFORMS LIKE THAT? Gu Jun Pyo? Anyway, I can’t complain much (yeah, I just did) because these pictures are the closest I can look at Seung Ho because I really don’t watch makjang (Flames of Desire) and sageuks (Warrior Baek Dong Soo) so I haven’t seen him in so long! Enjoy the photos under the cut!

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