Premiere Watch: Reunited Worlds (Episodes 1-2 Recap)

Yesterday saw the premiere of Reunited Worlds, the newest drama from SBS this week, which replaced Suspicious Partner on its Wednesday-Thursday line-up. I’m here to weigh in on the first hour and judge it to determine if I’m going to continue on with it week per week or binge it near the end or completely pass on it. We’ll see. Continue reading →

Ten Stars for Allure Korea’s Campaign to Save Mountain Goats


Ten stars wear mountain goat graphic shirts to support Allure’s campaign for saving the forests where mountain goats live. Above is KARA’s Han Seungyeon and below in order are Lee Chung Ah, Park Si Yeon, Yeo Jin Goo, Baek Jin Hee, Jung Yoo Mi, Nam Gung Min, After School’s Nana, ballerina Lee Eun Won and announcer Jeong Mi Seon. Enjoy!
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Yeo Jin Goo for ELLE Girl

It must be really fun playing dress up. Anyway, when I said he’s in every magazine, he is REALLY in every magazine. Enjoy!

credits to couchkimchi

Yeo Jin Goo for CeCi

Boy is in every magazine! Enjoy!

The Moon that Embraces the Sun’s Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Yoo Jung and Lee Min Ho for Vogue Girl Korea

These kids are everywhere! (Well, technically, Lee Min Ho isn’t a kid anymore.) They’re in every magazine in Korea. Just sad that Lee Won Geun isn’t as everywhere but I guess he just played the child version of Song Jae Rim so oh well. Anyway, enjoy!

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The Moon that Embraces the Sun’s Yeo Jin Goo for Allure Korea

At first, I didn’t really get Yeo Jin Goo’s appeal. But after this photoshoot… IGEDDITGEDDIT I get it now! Sigh. Anyway, he rocks the pompadour-styled rebel/biker so well, my heart’s fluttering. Heehee. Then he wears geek glasses and I am spiraling into him. Then, he smiles like he’s the sun and sigh, my heart. Anyway, enjoy more photos under the cut!

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The Pretty Boys of The Moon that Embraces the Sun for High Cut Korea Vol. 70

They’re really taking the “flower boy” term literally, aren’t they? I’m only posting this because Lee Won Geun is here (my heart is dancing) but it’s so sad that he doesn’t have a solo shot. Actually, that was the reason I postponed posting this even if I saw it way before. It was because I want to wait for his photos but they never came so I decided I gotta post this now. Sigh. Anyway, more under the cut!

(From left to right: Siwan, Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Won Geun ❤ and Lee Min Ho who really needs to change his name.)

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