Preview for Wild Romance Episode 5



Preview for Wild Romance Episode 4

Posting this just for completion. I wasn’t able to post it in school because I was too busy. Then when I got home by 8pm, I fell asleep until 1:30am! So, sorry if I just posted this now. Like I said, just for completion. Heehee.

Preview for Wild Romance Episode 3

Enjoy! I wanna watch this but I’m so busy! I’d probably stock up on episodes and watch it when subs are already available. Or not. We’ll see. 😀

Preview for Wild Romance Episode 2

I know it’s late but I just got home. If only I was home earlier. Anyway, just for the sake of completeness since KBS uploaded it. Enjoy! Do tell me your thoughts on Wild Romance for those who watched it, so I can watch it too if it’s good. 😀

Wild Romance releases Six-Minute Trailer and More Stills

A day prior to its premiere, KBS released the longer trailer for Wild Romance, around 6.5 minutes in length. Wild Romance premieres tomorrow, January 4. Stills under the cut! Enjoy!

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Probably the Last Set of Pre-Premiere Stills for Wild Romance

Wild Romance premieres tomorrow, January 4, at KBS. More stills under the cut!

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Wild Romance Stills Overload

Just two more days before Wild Romance premieres. Are you guys excited?

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Preview for Wild Romance Episode 1

Bring on the physical comedy! Hahaha! I just wanna see Lee Dong Wook and Lee Shi Young unhinged and kicking each other’s asses. Haha!

Wild Romance premieres at KBS on January 4.

Wild Romance releases Official Posters

I did said we’re gonna be treated with a tons of promotional materials from Wild Romance while it gears up for its January 4 premiere, right? Haha! Anyway, the posters are cute, so cute I am officially onboard with this show. So much for biting my words back. Haha!

More Promotional Stills from Wild Romance

As Wild Romance nears its January 4 premiere, we are treated to an onslaught of more stills from the drama. So yeah, enjoy! More under the cut!

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