More Photos of Barbie UEE for ELLE Korea

Earlier photos posted here. The length of UEE’s appendages is unbelievable. More under the cut! Enjoy!

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Preview for Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 43


Barbie UEE for ELLE

UEE, along with Song Joong Ki, recently won in the 2011 Barbie and Ken Awards so I think this photoshoot was coming the minute UEE won. I guess UEE’s big eyes helped portraying a doll. I mean, UEE has been known to have big eyes and Korea loves her for it (among others since her thighs and legs are I think more popular) and herein, they really capitalized on that. Anyway, two more photos of UEE under the cut!

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Preview for Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 41

Okay so I don’t understand a thing and there’s no Joo Won on the preview so here, enjoy!

Preview for Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 37

OMONA! Can’t stop kissing, huh? ❤ OMG, I cannot wait for this episode’s recap and I can’t wait for Christmas break so I can finally watch it! Omoooooooo~

UEE for Vogue Korea

I admit, I hate UEE before. I was so into You’re Beautiful and she was such a bitch and a villain there that I hated her so much. I know she’s just acting but maybe that means that she’s wonderful since she got me hating her SO MUCH. But when I watched her in We Got Married and in Family Outing and other shows, I realized that she’s really sweet and delightfully and unintentionally funny. So there goes the start of me liking UEE. And now, I’m downloading Ojakgyo Brothers even though it’s a long family drama and I’m planning on watching it soon. (Plus, Joo Won is there so I can’t really NOT download it since Joo Won has a certain hold on me I can’t explain. Haha!) Anyway, enjoy the rest of this photoshoot under the cut!

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