Premiere Watch: Manhole (Episode 1 Recap)

I’ve been pretty vocal about my excitement for Manhole and IT’S FINALLY HERE! Manhole premiered yesterday and unsurprisingly, was at the last of the ratings race. I do hope it fares better as the weeks go by as I liked what I saw and I’m excited for all the hijinks. I ended up not being able to follow Reunited Worlds week by week as originally planned so my Wed-Thu kdrama slot is actually free. Would Manhole make the cut? Let’s see!

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Manhole: Feel So Good releases The Beatles-esque Poster

With each passing day, I get more and more excited with Manhole: Feel So Good, the upcoming drama from KBS set to replace Seven Day Queen on its Wednesday-Thursday timeslot. I went from absolutely zero interest in it to pretty much NEED THIS NOW after I saw their pen-pineapple-apple-pen teaser, which while reveals nothing about the plot, sets the possible tone of the drama. The cast’s willingness to look insane felt such a breath of fresh air, especially that the current dramas this season are serious ones. The poker faces just nail it all the more. I admit to watching this teaser a lot of times and still laughing at it. Check it out below! Continue reading →

UEE and her shorter hair for InStyle


Oh my, UEE cut her hair! I think she looks infinitely better with this shorter hair than her very boring long hair. Hahaha! Enjoy!

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Preview for Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 57

Enjoy! Aaaaww, OB is ending. Then Joo Won’s gonna be in Bridal Mask. Boy’s gonna be big! ❤

Preview for Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 55


Allure Korea captures Actresses Backstage at 2011’s Drama Awards

Here are two photos of UEE prepping up and looking cute. Under the cut are photos of Kang So Ra, Baek Jin Hee, Park Ha Sun, Seo Hyo Rim and many more. Enjoy!

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Preview for Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 51


Preview of Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 49


Preview for Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 47

It sucks not to understand Korean. Sigh. Anyway, enjoy!

Preview for Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 45