TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin for 1st Look

Super sleepy, can’t think of anything to type. Good night! Btw, more under the cut!

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Yunho and Changmin models Lacoste for W Korea

Mighty slick, may I say. Blacks and darks, love those on a guy. Heehee. Especially if those guys happen to be Yunho and Changmin. I’m not a DBSK fan and I’ve mentioned before that they’re actually the only people I care about in DBSK. Haha! Really sorry. They attended the New York Fashion Week in Manhattan and W Korea had an exclusive four nights and five days documentary of them. Anyway, more yummy pics under the cut! ❤

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Keep Your Head Down – DBSK MV

I’m really afraid to comment because there might be lurking Cassies. Haha! Anyway, just posting this for record’s sake. Back when they were five, HoMin are my fave/the ones I care for so it’s fitting that I’m posting this now.

As for the MV, my only real qualm is that Yunho sounds really nasal here. Too high-pitched, I guess. But I think the autotune and digitizing and editing are at fault there so I still heart Yunho. Changmin is awesome as always (SO BIASED). Now I remember who he looks like. He sorta reminds me of my teacher back in high school who’s also good-looking. Haha! Changmin belts out these notes but I can’t really concentrate because of his pectoral muscles aka pecs. HAHAHA! Sorry, what can a hormonal girl do? And those peacock/whatever-patterned suits, DISPOSE OF IT ASAP. Gah, whoever thought that it looks good was either asleep or possessed by a peacock. Seriousleh? Haha! One studio setting was really similar to the one used in Mirotic MV but that’s nothing to complain about really. Overall, I approve! (I hope Yunho doesn’t sound as nasal in future performances!) HoMin, fighting!

DBSK’s Changmin and Yunho for Marie Claire January 2011

I adore adore adore Changmin and Yunho even though I’m not a Cassie so it’s not really surprising that I’m posting these. Unless it is unknown to you that I adore them because I never talked about them. Haha!


I guess you don’t want me blabbering so click under the cut for more! Changmin ❤

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