My Fall Shows They Are A-Premierin’

So excited! ‚̧ I need to fill in that black hole gaping in my heart from last fall. Haha!

90210* September 13
The Vampire Diaries  September 15
How I Met Your Mother September 19
Glee and Raising Hope September 20
Modern Family September 21
The Big Bang Theory*, The Office* and Grey’s Anatomy* September 22
Nikita* and Fringe* September 23
Happy Endings September 28
House* October 3
Chuck October 21
Bones* November 3

* = Not yet updated with the previous season.


February will end soon but all I watched from February 1 are FOUR MOVIES! Well, I finished the first season of The Office and I am updated in the series I’m watching (Glee, Hellcats, White Collar) so I can say that I still watched a lot of stuff, not just movies. Tsk. And mind you, this week is my HELL WEEK (last week was a hell week too but more on the physical side because I was so exhausted the whole week and went home late the whole week) and I have loads of exams and homeworks and dues and whatnots. I think I can’t finish those 6 movies in the days left. OH NO. I have novels to read and other stuff too. When this hell week comes to an end, I need to marathon those 6 movies.

Physics exam tomorrow! Let’s start kicking some Physics ass! Or more of, I have to kick some Physics ass!