Too rom and not enough com | Review: The Mindy Project Season 1


Last weekend, I finished the first season of The Mindy Project and I certainly did not expect that I will end up disappointed. Because:

  1. I loved Mindy Kaling’s books: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and Other Concerns) and Why Not Me?So it’s kinda safe to assume that I like Mindy’s humor and I find her inspiring too.
  2. I love Chris Messina as previously established. This is the major reason, probably 70% and the prior reason only cashes in 30%.

I never thought I’d find too much romance in a romcom-sitcom to be a negative point against it but here I am. I want my romcoms to be funny and The Mindy Project fails to make me laugh.

Moreover, it’s almost all about Mindy’s lovelife. I don’t feel like I fully got a look into her character even though the first season has 24 episodes. Girl, you’re a doctor. And while there have been few plot points regarding her practice, I feel like the show is still too skewed on her lovelife. And I don’t buy that she’s able to date that much, okay. There were so many guys! I sound so bitter here but I just can’t suspend my disbelief.

Sure, there are also female friendships and work relationships and work ethics but nothing grabbed me the whole of the first season. Which was majorly saddening because I never thought that I won’t love this show…

I also know that the title of the show is THE MINDY PROJECT so the focus is on Mindy but I just wish the other characters had more depth. It’s also weird how some possible plot points and/or relationships were not tapped yet. I feel like there were so many wasted opportunities?

I could forgive the show for not being able to make me laugh (ack, I haven’t written my post about Mozart in the Jungle, which is another case of this-is-not-funny-to-me) but it has to make me care. Or since it’s so full of romance, I should feel giddy from the romance of it all. Sadly, I don’t care and I only feel giddy because of Chris Messina (and the little bit with BJ Novak!) but not with the script or the plot. T_T

Ultimately, the more disappointing/disturbing aspect in this whole debacle of mine regarding THE MINDY PROJECT is that I still want to watch it because I WANNA GET TO MINDY’S ROMANCE WITH CHRIS MESSINA. And I even wanna get to the third season because I want to see how leaving Fox and being picked up by Hulu changed the freedom and thus, the liberties the show would take.

And so, I am destined to watch this show because I am putty with Chris Messina and he’s the freaking reason that I’m watching this (seriously, for the first two episodes, I squealed every time he was onscreen, which was ALL THE TIME) but I’m not interested in rushing it. In due time, in due time. Which sounds like never at this point. Gah. We’ll see!