Epik High for High Cut Korea Vol. 208

Epik High has released a new album after three years last Monday entitled WE’VE DONE SOMETHING WONDERFUL and has gone on to snag ALL of the #1 spots in ALL of the music charts in South Korea. And rightfully so because the album is so good, as expected of them. The lyrics, the musicality. I cried, okay. Under the cut are three more photos from this shoot for High Cut! Continue reading →


Tablo for Vogue Korea

Oops, posted this in the Harper’s Bazaar post! HAHAHAHA! Anyway, here they are! Enjoy!

Tablo for Harper’s Bazaar

Forgive me for the watermarks but I’ll take my Tablo fix in any form. Tablo <3. Anyway, from what little I understood of his interview, he said that he’s happy now after two years being depressed and stressed out over the whole debacle of his Stanford education. Now that he has just released his new songs and a new album and has signed up with a new agency, he feels great. He says that he feels that this restart was important for him to move on and continue making great music. Tablo has signed up at YG Entertainment, which is so cool since all the cool kids are in there and it helps that he’s friends with Taeyang, Big Bang and the other entertainers there and HELLO, his wife is part of YG. Anyway, I listened to his new songs and I must say I love them! Oops, sorry for not posting them. Anyway, more under the cut! Enjoy! (I might change the photos when I see watermark-free ones. :D)

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