[Changing Tastes] I can’t kick you, Second Lead Syndrome

So I submitted this to Dramabeans’ call for submissions on the prompt Changing Tastes but it did not make the cut. So I’m posting it here! At first I was a bit sad that it wasn’t posted but after looking through my submission once again, I realized how inferior it was and how scattered. There is even no point and I didn’t answer the prompt in actuality. Hahaha! So now I’m glad that this wasn’t posted because that would have been embarrassing. But I can be embarrassing here on my own blog so I’m still posting it. This is for all the underdog lovers. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading →

Yoo Ah In in 2010 KBS Drama Awards

Yoo Ah In won the Best Couple Award with Song Joong Ki for their bromance in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He should have won a Popularity Award alongside Song Joong Ki and Moon Geun Young as well! Hmph, KBS. Oh well.


I didn’t know why he won the Style Award in the A-Awards last time but after observing his fashion choices since then, I now get it. Now, black on black just makes me swoon but I just can’t understand how he can pull off that shiny, gold bowtie. I mean, GOLD AND SHINY SHIMMY BOWTIE? And well, I am not surprised that he can look fierce one minute and adorable and cute a split second after. I tried fathoming that one on his previous red carpet pictures but the only answer I can come up is because he’s AH-MAZING. ❤

Here’s the REALLY REALLY CUTE video of the awarding of the Best Couple Awards! Yummy Yoo Ah In and very cute Song Joong Ki in action. 😛 Ah In was really embarrassed when he was called along with Song Joong Ki, who is one of the host, for the Best Couple Award. He kept flashing on his shy, boyish smile that made me giddy in every part of my already-on-the-floor body. Haha! It’s nice to see the Jalgeum Quartet all on the stage. Heehee. (On a side note, I missed Jang Hyuk! He’s looking oh-so-fine here. :D)

On another side note, the Geun-Geun couple was so cute and Moon Geun Young being asked to dance, omo! Haha! JGS being asked to sing, weehoo.

From what I read on the youtube comments, SJK asked Park Min Young who is her ideal man out of the three of them (SJK, YAI, Yoochun). Yoochun points himself and fans are screaming. She thinks about it and looks at Yoochun as if asking him and hesitating if she should answer and what to answer. And then she answered that it’s Yoochun. And I dunno what Ah In did but he sorta nudged her a little with the look and expression that means “You! You really chose!”. (Because when asked questions like that, actresses usually deflect the question or choose all of them. Haha!)

Click under the cut for pictures to drool on and to wreck your keyboards with the drool :)) :Q____ x infinity

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Yoo Ah In Random Post #2


I just had to post this picture. I was floating in the air towards the clouds when I saw this photo. Seriously, can they be cuter than that? GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH, and now I’m pining AGAIN and my Guhro Ache aches all over. Why can’t he get the girl? URGH! They’re so cute! And the pornstache and the pornbeard, GEEEEEEEHHHHHHDDDDD. Seriously, there’s nothing hotter. ❤ Gruffy Guhro jjang! Yoo Ah In daebak!

But what are they doing here? It looks like Yoo Ah In is pointing at something to Park Min Young. Maybe there’s dirt and he noticed it and OH WELL, I’ll stop fantasizing about my OTP that will never happen. </////3 (yeah, my heart is so broken. T_T)

Btw, Yoo Ah In and Park Min Young will present awards at the Golden Disk Awards on December 9, 2010 7pm at the Korea University’s Hwajeong Gymnasium. Lezzee what Yoo Ah In will wear since he got the Style Award in A-Awards. :DDD Happy Yoo Ah In Day! Because everyday is a Yoo Ah In day! A Yoo Ah In a day keeps the doctor and the pain and the sadness and the yearning away! 😛

Yoo Ah In Random Post #1


My eyes landed on Yoochun first because he’s the only one sitting. Then, my eyes wandered to find Yoo Ah In but my eyes went to look for him on the right side first. Seeing no Yoo Ah In, I turned my eyes to the left side and my jaw stood agape with love, wonder and everything nice. Okay, I’m so sorry, I’ve never seen this picture. I haven’t watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal too, just read recaps. But omo, his pose and facial expression in this, I wanna give him a love life too in SKKS so that he will not be lonely. T_T He’s so perfect in this photo, what with the gruffness and coolness. AAAAAAAA, my heart has flown to Korea once again. Well, I think it’s always in Korea. HAHAHAHA!