Ten Shows I Love

I posted this in my other blog so might as well post about it here! The prompt was anything about TV but I chose to write about shows I love. Not included are Asian dramas because that’s gonna be so difficult to do HAHA This is in no particular order but I will dividing them into two categories: the 20-minute shows and the 40-minute shows. And I suck at categorizing into genres so I just put what Wikipedia says.

For My Short Attention Span

Scrotal Recall (genre: rom-com)

This gem is only six episodes long so if you have three hours to spare, please PLEASE get on it. It’s on Netflix! Anyway, I discovered this show from Elena‘s newsletter (I will always miss her blog Novel Sounds) and THIS. SHOW. It’s just so full of heart and some crude jokes as well, I mean, look at the title. But I promise, despite the title, it’s not that kind of comedy (although I do dig that kind of comedy as well). So plot! Dylan gets chlamydia and now he has to contact all his previous sexual partners to get them to test as well and we recall one girl in every episode. THE FEELINGS THIS SHOW EXTRACTED OUT OF ME, YOU GUYS. THE FEELS. I rewatch it a great amount and still, FEELINGS. It’s just so sad it looks like it’s not gonna be renewed.



You’re the Worst (genre: comedy-drama)

There was no way You’re the Worst wasn’t gonna make this list. Sure, it’s a rom-com and we’ve seen that way too many times (but I can watch it forever) but one with such horrible and mean characters as the protagonists? I’ve never seen that yet and that’s why I’m all aboard this one. These characters lie constantly and are brutally honest to the point of assholery but who doesn’t want to be like them, being able to say what you’re really thinking? And despite them being horrible people, you root for them because they’re very human and vulnerable too. JUST WATCH THIS ONE, PEOPLE.

Silicon Valley (genre: comedy)

To the show that saved me from being depressed earlier this year, I love you. You might be repetitive plotwise but I love your characters and your crude jokes and how you make me laugh I sometimes cry. Thank you for being there. I mean, I always love a misfits-get-together-to-achieve-a-goal-while-shenanigans-happen kind of show but make these misfits programmers and geeks and nerds and I’m all aboard. Jared bb, you’ll always be my favorite and the one that makes me laugh the most. I mean, just watch “tip-to-tip efficiency” on Youtube. If you like it, you’ll like this show. HAHAHA

I Just Want My Pants Back (genre: comedy-drama)

This show was cancelled and it’s such a shame. It was an MTV sitcom back in 2011 that completely got me: music tastes, crude humor, quarter life crisis, hipsters in Brooklyn being broke and making bad decisions. It was MY show. I watched this show with my guy BFF and another friend and it felt like we were the only people watching this show. It’s the reason why I love Peter Vack so much despite him being my least favorite character in here. I’m loyal. So if this is something you think you might like, please give it a chance! Then talk to me so I can have someone to talk to about this show. HAHA

Modern Family / The Office / Broad City / Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Happy Endings

I can’t choose for my fifth 20-minute show sorry HAHAHAHA What? I love my sitcoms!

Shows I Can Sit through for More than 20 Minutes


Suits (genre: legal drama)

I’ve once proclaimed Suits to be my favorite show, to which my friend judged me. Hahaha! I know it’s cheesy as heck but I love the characters and even though I’ve found myself almost quitting it a lot of times, I can’t. I just love the characters so much that I’m still here until Season 6, binging it every time the midseason/season ends. This show just makes me smile and chuckle and panic and also hurt.

Mr. Robot (genre: drama-thriller)

Uhm, hello, I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOW. It’s like I spend most of my time on its subreddit and just thinking about it and watching it and rewatching. I’ve never been as obsessed with ANY show as I have with this one. It is so fucking great I do not know how to pitch it. I mean, everyone’s saying it’s great and that you should watch it. I know that sounds like hype and hype is scary but the hype is real, man. It is real. Rami Malek is such a great actor, along with everyone else in this show. Good lord, the oodles and loads of talent on this show, not just from the actors but from the writers, directors, cinematographer, and of course its creator, Sam Esmail. GOOD LORD.

Homeland (genre: political thriller)

Before I got obsessed with Mr. Robot, Homeland was my top show. I was so addicted to this one. Not to the point that I was always on reddit but I discuss it with a lot of friends and just have so much feelings and thoughts about it. I read recaps and reviews though (which I don’t do with Mr. Robot) and I participate on Twitter discussions. It’s such a great thriller and the acting is so great. Hello, it has won all these awards and it is well-deserved. I can’t even explain why and how great it is because it just deserves to be seen. It is soooooooo good. Like I said, I find it hard to sit through more than 20 minutes for a show but I binged the first three seasons of Homeland and have been following it ever since Season 4. GOOD LORD THIS SHOW I NEED IT. I hate that it’s usually a fall show which starts on September and now it’s pushed back for January 2017 for its sixth season. 2016 HAS NO HOMELAND AT ALL HOW CAN THIS BE

Pushing Daisies (genre: fantasy comedy-drama)

So if you know me, I’m quite not into fantasy but boy was this a delight. That’s how I’d describe it: delightful. I love the whimsy, the colors, the characters, the narrator, and its heart. Oh, I remember binging all seasons of this one with the small TV I had in my room. My TV’s screen was so small but I had fond memories of it and this show. Now I wanna watch this again! So plot: Ned the Piemaker can bring back things to life but he can’t touch them again. If he touches them again, they die. Now, he brings back from the dead Charlotte, who he loves. But now they can’t touch because Charlotte AKA Chuck will die again! Oh glorious, glorious trope. Also, if he revives a thing/person for more than a minute, another thing/person dies in the vicinity. So he uses this power to help solve cases. Anyway, from the same creator, I also loved Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me! I should really watch Hannibal. Just you wait, Bryan Fuller.

White Collar (genre: police procedural drama)

Okay, it seems like I do love USA Network shows even though they get flack for being cheesy but WHATEVER MATT BOMER. I religiously watched this one back then and enjoyed every moment of it. Confession: I haven’t watched the last season because I didn’t want it to end yet. 😦 I initially watched this for Matt Bomer because HELLO GLORIOUS but I ended up loving the characters and their chemistry. Basically like what happened with Suits as well. Sigh, I just love banter. AND HELLO MATT BOMER

What are your favorite shows?

The problem with Suits (the TV show because suits are fiiiiiine, in general)

*spoilers ahead YOU’VE BEEN WARNED*

Before I kicked 2015 out of the way and into storage, I was able to catch up on Suits. Ever since senior year of college, I’ve been terrible with my shows. Surprisingly, I never ACTUALLY dropped Suits. Sure, I didn’t follow it week per week, but I’m still here, right? I was the one who introduced it (more like forced it upon them) to my friends but I remember needing to be convinced to continue it. (Senior year was crazy busy.) And I did! I finished S2 so I could get to S3 and follow it real-time. Then I ended up too busy for it again sometime in S4 so I binged the second half prior to S5. And now I just binged the episodes before the midseason break so I can follow it weekly come January 27.

But see, the problem is, I always have the urge to drop the show and be done with it forever. It’s so clunky after the second season that I’d get episodes I couldn’t care less about then a fuckin’ great episode comes on and I’m in love again. I can’t seem to quit it because just as I’m about to, it reels me back in. Dammit, Suits. S3 was j’abore (and don’t get me started on fuckin’ Hardman because I fuckin’ hate how he never leaves) but then it ended with Mike being a banker. COLOR DIANNE EXCITED. Yes, something new! We’ve been going in circles in this will-someone-find-Mike-out charade!

So I was a happy camper during S4, until the banker stint ended too soon for my liking and it’s another round of IS SOMEONE GONNA FIND OUT ABOUT MIKE. I mean, I love Mike, and I don’t want his secret out but I also want it to be out so we can deal with that fallout. WHEN ARE WE GONNA DEAL ABOUT IT? I started this show right from its pilot (and been pining for it since it was announced IMAGINE HOW LONG I WAITED FOR THAT PILOT) and I persevered during midseason breaks that I hate AND I NEEDED TO FEEL SOMETHING NEW. Don’t get me started at how they made Louis a caricature villain in this season.

Color me giddy then when S4 ended with Donna leaving Harvey because THIS IS SOMETHING NEW HALLELUJAH THANK YOU WE’RE GONNA FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HARVEY! And good lord did S5 deliver. I love love love this fifth season, despite Daniel Hardman coming back. I’m willing to forgive that even though I admit to stopping my marathon because I’M SO SICK OF DANIEL HARDMAN. AND NOW HE’S HERE AGAIN.

I love how Mike basically partnered up with everyone for a task or a case. Mike + Robert Zane, Mike + Rachel, Mike + Donna, Mike + Katrina, Mike + Louis, Mike + Jack Soloff, and of course, Mike + Harvey. Love Gretchen, Harvey’s new secretary. Love all the Harvey scenes with his therapist. Jessica losing her shit. Donna and Harvey fighting and making up. Rachel + Donna, Rachel + Louis, Rachel + Harvey, Donna + Louis, Louis + his sister Esther, everyone! And by the end, bawling and drowning in my own tears with Mike and Grandma. And that’s how I realized I COULD NEVER QUIT THIS SHOW.

Because I love the characters too much. I once called Suits my favorite show (that I was currently following) and that was for a reason. It has such amazing characters and not only are they amazing, the relationships are amazing. I could watch Harvey and Mike being bros to each other forever. I could watch Donna sass everyone out for a lifetime. I could never quit this show because while the plot leaves a lot to be desired and I couldn’t care less recently about their cases (I long stopped being excited about them but I do find it awesome how they close cases), I care about the growth of the characters and what’s gonna happen to them in the future. Hello, they’re like my babies. I’ve been watching them for years!

So that’s the problem. I’m on a seesaw with this show. I’m already dizzy from spending too long on it but I enjoy it still. But I won’t worry about it yet (again) because that motherfucking cliffhanger S5 left makes me so excited and yell out with relief that FINALLY MIKE AND THE FALLOUT OF THIS FRAUD. I am beyond ecstatic to see how the ~family~ will get him out of this.

Now, I know S6 is confirmed and I’m bummed about that because I’m afraid that this show is gonna be dragged out to its death. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

(USA Network, you now have Mr. Robot. Don’t force Suits to extend and extend and extend, please. Or else we’re gonna see Patrick J. Adams’ hairline recede even more.)

Promo for Suits S02E13 Zane vs. Zane


Songs from Suits S02E12 Blood in the Water

Tagalong by Hit Back
Scene: Mike convinces Jimmy to recommend Harold at the firm

Marathon by Heartless Bastards
Scene: Harvey rips Louis’ resignation letter

Sneak Peek Videos of Suits S02E12 Blood in the Water

Another one here and here. Enjoy!

Songs from Suits S02E11 Blind-Sided

Seer by Motopony
Scene: Mike and Tess in Mike’s apartment

Fiction by The xx
Scene: Harvey tells Mike to pull himself together; Mike breaks up with Tess

Promo for Suits S02E12 Blood in the Water


Promo for Suits S02E11 Blind-Sided


Suits comes back this January 17!!!!!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP SUITS! ❤ Gah, this is it. Two more weeks and I can watch the fantastic Suits. And as for Rachel… As said by a top comment in Youtube:

“I’m sorry, I love Rachel and I understand she is hurt, but she needs to understand she and Mike are NOT a couple and he can sleep with anyone he wants, she’s the one who rejected him in the beginning of the episode.

Can’t wait for Suits to come back!”

True! He’s sad because you keep on rejecting him, hence, sleeping with other women. Tsk tsk. There, there, Mike.

Harveeeeeeeeyyyyy! Gabriel Macht ALWAYS looks so fine, slick and dapper.

Teaser for Suits Season 2 Winter Episodes

Suits comes back on January and that’s such a freakin’ long time. HUHUHUHUHU