And I spent all night stuck on the puzzle | Happy Birthday, Alex Turner!

I didn’t even know it’s his birthday today! I got stressed at work and I took a break by learning to play Stuck on the Puzzle on the ukelele and I can now play it! And now I learn that it’s his birthday so that’s a cool coincidence.


I think it’s the perfect song for a guy who crushes on an MPDG (manic pixie dream girl). Which basically is the romance aspect on Submarine (one of my fave movies aaaaaaaaaaa)

Movie Soundtrack #7: Submarine (2010)

A-Side: Celebratory

I love this movie. Not the love I have for certain romcoms that made me giggle with glee from all the fluff but a deeper love I reserve for well done movies. Sarah recommended it to me so I hastily downloaded it when I had nothing to download and it was just now that I came around to watch it. I was wary at first because I dunno anyone in the cast and I don’t even know the story but okay Dianne, soldier on! A supposedly great movie is right in front of you and you should watch it! And it was great, lovely, brilliant and low-key, just the way I like my coming-of-age films. Low-key is the way to go in coming-of-age films because it hits close to home and makes the movie more tangible to the viewers. The movie was described as a coming-of-age comedy-drama film and I agree to that. I wondered at first where the funny will come from but this movie made me laugh a lot of times. Maybe it’s the dry humor or how they say funny things with a straight face but I love the type of humor this film exhibited. Plus, I love the characters! Oliver and Jordana are so damn likable and relatable (well, not Jordana at the beginning) but I just love them and their relationship. And Oliver spying and trying to fix his parents’ marriage might get the best-son award from me. Oops, this just turned into a semi-review. Anyway, one last note. Craig Roberts resembles Rupert Grint so much and a little of Lucas Neff. He is so fun to watch, the eye movements, the twitchy eye movements and the self-awareness he projects since well, he’s narrating his story. And the directing, I almost forgot. I love the little touches here and there. Kudos to Richard Ayoade. (Now I thought that name sounds familiar. Saw a picture of him while reading some reviews and OMG! He’s the (more) socially inept guy, Moss, in The IT Crowd. I love that show and I love him there. What a lovely directorial debut, Sir. I am amazed. You have mad talent, aside from your mad comedy skills. <3) This movie isn’t really feel-good but it feels real and I applaud everyone in this film. Plus, the soundtrack is awesome. I love Stuck on the Puzzle. Actually, I didn’t cry while watching the movie but I cried while listening to that song. I guess the film and the song elicited an emotion in me worthy of opening my floodgates. Okay, before I say more than what is supposed to be a short intro about the movie, here are the songs used in the movie, all written and performed by Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys, which not coincidentally is Sarah’s favorite band. Thank you Sarah for bringing in to my attention this wonderful movie. ❤

Stuck on the Puzzle (Intro)

Hiding Tonight

Glass in the Park

It’s Hard to Get Around the Wind

Stuck on the Puzzle

Piledriver Waltz

B-Side: Despondency