KDrama Review: Last Minute Romance + A Person You Could Know [Someone You Might Know]


With no deliberate planning on my part, I was able to watch two web dramas last week! Coincidentally, they are both from JTBC and star actresses that were former idols. Surprisingly, they are both so good too! A lot of web dramas I’ve seen are okay but that’s because I lower my standards for web dramas. Due to the short runtime, I don’t expect full characters or very moving plots, but lo and behold, I’ve seen TWO just this week that exceeded those middling expectations. I’m very happy and smug and content about my life choices last week. Heh. Go under the cut to read more on my thoughts on Last Minute Romance and A Person You Could Know!

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SNSD’s Sooyoung for High Cut Korea Vol. 77


More under the cut! Enjoy!

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SNSD’s Sooyoung and Tiffany for Vogue Korea

The title of this photoset is “The Doll’s House”. That’s all I can say and that Sooyoung’s so limb-y! Heehee. She’s so tall and her legs are endless. Haha! Eight more photos under the cut!

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