JDrama Review: Ito-kun A to E [The Many Faces of Ito]

In my neverending quest to watch everything Okada Masaki is in ever, I’ve come across the jdrama Ito-kun A to E. I was intrigued by it because he’s in the film of the same name scheduled to premiere in 2018. When I discovered the existence of said drama, it hasn’t aired yet and so I filed it in my mental list of Okada Masaki dramas to watch.

Then early last week, while I was casually checking Netflix for their newly added shows, I saw The Many Faces of Ito. I thought it sounded familiar and as I was always desperate for good jdramas to watch, I checked it out and lo and behold, it’s Ito-kun A to E! So I immediately queued up the first episode. And finished the entire drama in less than a 24-hour period despite a hectic work day, forgoing sleep because who needs sleep? Detailed thoughts on this wonderful drama below the cut!

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Seigi no Mikata


Seigi no Mikata


15-year-old Yoko, a young girl who is constantly tormented by her self-centered and devilish older sister Makiko, who works for a government office after having graduated from a famous university. But despite her ill nature, Makiko’s actions tend to somehow make things better for those around her, causing others to praise her as an “ally of justice.” (from dramawiki) Continue reading →

Seigi no Mikata

Sam has all the episodes of Seigi no Mikata in mp4 format. I copied it to my USB. HAHAHAHAHA! But sadly, he just downloaded the videos from crunchyroll. And so there are some cuts. What really made me not watch Seigi no Mikata all the way because I think it was Episode 4. That episode has many cuts. Ohwell. At least I now have my own copy of Seigi no Mikata. Will download it soon! I really like Kumako’s wardrobe there. :))

riku-kumako love. <3

ok so, riku is kanata hongo’s role in seigi no mikata and kumako is shida mirai. i started watching seigi no mikata and fell in love with it in an instant. but the love for the show was because of the riku-kumako moments. at first, i watched each single second the show has to offer. but as time passes by, the thing that has kept me watching this show is just kanata hongo and shida mirai. even mukai osamu cannot do anything.

they’re so cute together! and so i only watch parts with the riku-kumako moments in it. aaaacck. i’m so sorry. but i will finish this drama as soon as i can. kanata hongo is just plain awesome. although he is soooo skinny. okee. that’s all for now. 😀

JDrama Review: 14 Sai no Haha

Shida Mirai (Tantei Gakuen Q and recently, Seigi no Mikata) plays the role of Ichinose Miki, an average junior high student that got pregnant with Kirino Satoshi’s child (played by Miura Haruma from Gokusen 3, Bloody Monday and Binbo Danshi) at age 14. The drama tells the hardships a 14-year old mother will face.

That synopsis was purely made by me. You can check other sites for more details. Basically, Kiri-chan (Miura Haruma), Miki’s senpai at cram school and Miki is dating. Kiri-chan is just 15 years old while Miki is 14 years old. But then, you-already-know-what-they-did and Miki got pregnant. Everyone is against Miki giving birth at first, her family, friends, teachers and Kiri-chan himself. But Miki insisted that she wants to give birth and eventually gained her parents’ approval. Well, that’s just the first obstacle that she will encounter. I prefer not to give more details as some people do not like spoilers (but i do. :p).

Enough with the drama’s synopsis. I can’t give any screencaps because i just watched this in crunchyroll. And i don’t know how to make screencaps. So yeah. It wasn’t in my plan to watch this drama this soon since i read in jaycee05’s wordpress that she didn’t like this drama. So I postponed watching it even if Miura Haruma’s in it. But as I was watching 1 Liter of Tears with my roommate, I suddenly had the urge to watch some tearjerkers too. And I remembered Miura Haruma and Shida Mirai and immediately watched 14 Sai no Haha.

I’ve watched Seigi no Mikata and Tantei Gakuen Q and I can really say that Shida Mirai has potential. I’ve only watched some episodes of Gokusen 3 and the first episode of Binbo Danshi. I never knew then that it was Miura Haruma until I saw Koizora. Ohmy, he looks really different in each drama he’s acting in. And now I’m watching Bloody Monday and he looks different there too. Anyway, back to the topic (my mind’s flying somewhere), I cried while watching this. Not in every episode and not as much as I did while watching 1 Liter of Tears but I cried. Well, my tears are shallow but it just touches me everytime Miki and Kiri-chan have something to overcome.

Character building was good. I came to know Kiri-chan’s mother. Miki’s mother was a hero, really. There’s this newspaper guy but I think that out of all characters, his was not explored upon. I thought there’s a story as to why he’s acting so cold and all to Kiri-chan. Sorry for using Kiri-chan. I just call him Kiri-chan because Miki calls him Kiri-chan. Jimi the dog was cute too. Kenta, Miki’s brother was really cute too. And he made me cry. :((

Watch out for Uncle Mako’s (Miki’s Uncle) quotes. Or rather watch out for what he says because they’re inspiring and true.

At school, Miki has friends like Megu and this once-pregnant girl named Yanazigawa-san. And her teacher that is soooo supportive and concerned.

So this is my first time making a drama review and so it’s crappy. I promise to improve. 😀

That’s all. 😀

P.S. The theme song was really good. Forgot what the title is but just search for it. It’s sung by Mr. Children so no wonder it’s really good. Just hearing him sing “Darling, darling”, I could cry.

Overall Rating: B

Recommended but not a must-watch for me. Must-watch if you want some Haruma eye candy. 😀