I’ve been busy at school even though hell week’s over. For one, I feel so tired all the time and I end up sleeping early. Or I watch something or do something over the Internet and end up sleeping late. The next day I’m this zombie with panda eye/eyebags and I end up sleeping really early that night. Basically, my Circadian rhythm is pretty “eengk” these days. So a post on what I have been doing or following recently so you know guys that I’m alive besides from my random tweets.

  • BIG BANG COMEBACK! (infinite exclamation marks) If bad fan means I don’t blog about it every second of my day, then I’m a bad fan. But I’m hella following their every show and performance ever since the album dropped! And I’m loving every moment. It’s been two years and 3 months and they had their last stage when I just became a VIP so you can say I saw them leaving and now I am so stoked and happy and ecstatic to see them come back. WEEHOO!
  • I’m still watching the shows I’ve been watching. Hellcats, White Collar, Glee and Moden Family. So yeah, I still watch stuff! I also finished downloading My Princess and finished reading the recaps as well. Just three more episodes and my Dream High download is done. The recaps? Done reading. I’ll watch these two shows soon when I’m on my summer vacation because I can’t afford it right now.
  • My Mom is making me download Secret Garden. I downloaded it before but wasn’t able to finish it when my amusement over it stopped. I’m resuming my download now since all I can hear from my Mom is “hey, download the remaining Secret Garden episodes”.
  • I plan on watching all of the shows I downloaded and all the movies and shows I acquired on summer vacation. My eyes will be glued to the screen in a matter of weeks! So excited! I’ll just keep up with school and I’ll be rewarded. πŸ™‚
  • I’m not taking summer classes unless I fail Math 55 which will not happen. I will not let it happen. Summer class = low grades + burn out. My mind is so not working academically during summer so instead of improving my grades, I end up pulling them to a pit. Tsk. So YAY for a whole summer of watching shows! I’ve got my Korean variety shows and a lot of other stuff. HAHA.
  • I’m not into Kpop right now except for Big Bang. Maybe when CNBLUE comes back on March 21, I’ll have two groups to watch! That’s the announcement! They’re coming back on March 21! A picture has been uploaded~
  • I think I have a lot to say but my thoughts has escaped me. Eotteoke, baby~ (Would have been funny if you sang it when you read this. That’s from Up and Down by SHINee HAHAHAHA)
  • I have a long list of movies to be downloaded because I heard they are awesome but referring to a previous bullet, I’m so preoccupied or more like, my torrent program is so preoccupied with Secret Garden and downloading the shows I watch weekly that I find no time to download said movies in the list.
  • Reading Pretty Little Liars recaps! Will watch it when the season has finished and when Sarah downloads the rest of the season! Cherry’s watching it and telling us updates and I just watch the juicy stuff o’er teh Youtube aka Toby and Spencer linking up and Hanna and Caleb. HOHOHO.
  • I’m on my Andrew Garfield phase right now and that means I’ve followed tons of tumblelogs dedicated to him. Emma Stone is his love interest in Spidey! I love Emma Stone! So happy!
  • My Mom finished watching Baker King Kim Tak Gu, My Princess and now she’s glued to our laptop watching Marry Me, Mary. I am so envious of her. She gets to watch these shows! HUHU. When I get home, school still follows me. HUHU
  • I wanna type and tell you guys about what’s happening in my life but I can’t think of anything to add to these so maybe there’s really not a lot of things going on in my life. HAHA! So I’ll end it here. πŸ˜›
  • Oh btw, this week is such a happy week. ❀

Mason Moon in Hyun Bin’s Sparkly Tracksuit

HAHAHAHA! So cute! Title says it all! Have to post fast because I am busy as Kim Gab Soo is. Gah.


I wish my future baby will be as cute as Mason. Cutest baby/kid ever! ❀


Cracks me up every SINGLE time. HAHAHAHA!

Lack of Updates

I’m really sorry for the lack of posts these past three or four days. Some people might not care but I care. I haven’t posted Marry Me, Mary recap/opinioncap for Episode 6, 7 and 8! And nil for Secret Garden past episode 2! Gah! Imma explain. πŸ˜›

Friday was the annual College Carolfest Competition. And my organization won! Woohoo! That ended up really late so I can’t actually go home so I slept at Cherry’s place. We have this camp-out for PE the next two days so it’s really convenient for me to stay in her place. πŸ˜€ I think I was able to post late, late at night but that’s like a Yoo Ah In Random Post only.

Saturday and Sunday, I was in Zambales so I have no Internet connection whatsoever. I was home Sunday night but I was too tired to do anything and just slept.

Monday. I have a class in the morning and when I reached home by 4pm, I just slept. Until my dad woke me up by 7pm to eat dinner. But my body was too sore and I had almost no sleep last Saturday and every reason out there, I didn’t eat dinner and slept again. I woke up at 9:30pm and I was cussing because I wasn’t able to livestream Marry Me, Mary. Seriously, I want to slap my own face that time. But since it will end soon and I am REALLY REALLY SLEEPY, I just continued my sleep. HAHA! And when I woke up, it was Tuesday morning. And I need to go to school.

Ya see, there’s no way I could have updated my blog. My arms still feel kinda sore but I’m okay. Although I am super bummed out that I wasn’t able to watch M3. I already read the recaps but watching it live, IT IS A NEED. T_T

About Secret Garden. Honestly, I’ve only been reading recaps. I can’t find time to watch Episode 3 and so on. I have the video, the subs, but not time. I think it might take a while before I can post anything about it.

And as for Marry Me, Mary, I am lazy to post recaps/opinioncaps especially after the not being able to watch. But I promise they will come, just not now. And my Christmas break is coming so my professors are like ants when the cold season is approaching. They are rushing, I am telling you! Busy busy me. πŸ˜›

HUHU Internet HUHU

In the midst of editing my new blog, I wasn’t able to post this yesterday and my Internet died again. Therefore, I’m just posting this now.

I wasn’t able to livestream Marry Me, Mary yesterday. TT_TT I KNOW, SOB WITH ME. WAIL WITH ME. BAWL WITH ME. My Internet decided to leave me again when the rain came. Ugh! Another reason would be that it’s my parents’ 18th wedding anniversary yesterday and we went out to eat some Chinese food which were AMAZING. I especially liked their Pancit Canton. And it was pretty cheap too! We’ll definitely come back there soon! Not now! I can still taste the Spareribs. I promise I brushed my teeth! HAHA!

And since I wasn’t able to check the soompi forum for Secret Garden since my Internet had a straight line for a heartbeat with an ~eeeeeeeennnnggggg~ sound, I don’t have the subtitles for Episode 3 and 4! Gah! I’m dying to watch those! And I haven’t checked dramabeans so there might be a recap for Episode 4 already. HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU.

Oh well, I need to be happy despite everything. Positive vibes, come on! I MUST BE ABLE TO LIVESTREAM MARY TOMORROW OR I’LL BE BREAKING PLATES. HAHA! =))

I was staring, yeap, staring, at Ga In’s ELLE Girl photoshoot pictures and I’m really happy she didn’t have double eyelid surgery. The whole quirky concept was made quirkier and cuter by her single eyelids. Brown Eyed Girls comeback on January! Anyone excited? Definitely me! <– Totally Random

Secret Garden Episode 1 and 2


  1. I love Hyun Bin.
  2. I love Hyun Bin’s voice.
  3. I love love Hyun Bin.
  4. I love love love Hyun Bin.
  5. I adore Ha Ji Won.
  6. I love love love love love love love love love … love Hyun Bin.

I warned you! I love Hyun Bin!

A little story first. πŸ˜› I was interested in Secret Garden then that interest went into air because all of my interest was poured into Marry Me, Mary. I became interested again when I saw the teasers but was peeved by those horrible official posters. GAH. But then, when I read the recaps, I couldn’t help but download it immediately, against the pleas of my laptop to stop downloading because there is no more memory space. And since the Viikii subbing team is really fast, I am now enjoying episodes 1 and 2. ❀ to everyone who made this possible!

Episode 1 was all sorts of awesome except for my being an eejit. I was wondering why the action scenes were slow and I noticed that VLC was playing it at 0.67x. GRAWR for time wasted and eejitness! Anyway! Episode 2 was so far, so good and SO GRIPPING THAT I NEED EPISODE 3 RIGHT NOW!

I love Hyun Bin‘s character, Kim Joo Won. And not just because it’s played by Hyun Bin. Joo Won is the cold kdrama hero: rich, arrogant, RICH, RICH, RICH, dapper, wearing suits like so fiiiiiine. Okay, I’m blabbing here. But I love that’s all an act, because he’s a claustrophobe inside. I dunno what other weaknesses he has but he’s not what he seems to be. He’s frank and not coy which is good because I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE CAN’T SAY A THING ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS, especially if they are the second male lead knight-in-shining-armor-who-apparently-doesn’t-shine-in-the-heroine’s-eyes-because-she-can’t-freaking-notice-that-he’s-in-love-with her. GAH. His petty rivalry with his c0usin, Choi Woo Young or his stage name Oska, played by Yoon Sang Hyun.

Yoon Sang Hyun is so funny HAHAHAHAHAHA =)) Even though he yells his lines, I DON’T CARE BECAUSE HE’S SO FUNNY AND I CAN’T HELP LAUGHING WHEN HE HAS HIS STRAIGHT MUSHROOM HAIRDO. =)))) But when he met Yoon Seul and has these teary eyed but forcing not to cry look, I can’t help but sympathize with him. T_T Yoon Sang Hyun’s voice is really good, I was surprised. ❀ I LIKE HIS VOICE!

Ha Ji Won plays Gil Ra Im, A VERY VERY COOL AND PRETTY STUNTWOMAN. I adore Ha Ji Won so I AM SO INTO HER PORTRAYAL. Kickass and badass <3! And how I can relate that she’s such an Oska fangirl. I AM A FANGIRL, I KNOW THE FEELING. πŸ˜›

Kim Sa Rang plays Yoon Seul and SHE IS REALLY BITCHY. It’s fun to hate her because her only purpose in this show is to be hated and she plays it good that I just hate her, right here, right now. =))

Back to Joo Won. Joo Won is crazy. AS IN CRAZY. He imagines a lot and even talks to the imaginary Ra Im and fantasizes in his fantasy. What! =)) He’s really nuts. And that very long nonsense rhyme he recites when he needs to get a grip into the real world. HAHAHA. Coping mechanisms <3. He’s really honest. There’s this part where it goes like this:

Ra Im: Why should I get in your car?
Joo Won: Because I want to give you a ride.
Ra Im: What?
Joo Won: I said I want to give you a ride.
Ra Im: Why?
Joo Won: Why not? I want to give you the sky.Β I want to make you happy.Β You need reasons like these?Β It’s not like that.Β I just want to give you a ride.Β Why can’t I do what I want to?Β I told you that I’d even close the top. (His car was a convertible.)

He wants to give her a ride and even though he’s going around some bushes because he can’t blatantly ask her to ride with him, he still was able to get to the point. So what? He just wants to drive you home because you’re injured and because HE’S OBSESSED WITH YOU! =))) HAHAHAHAHA. After some time, he didn’t even went around some bushes and just told her directly everything. JUST LIKE THAT, <<3

I would like to discuss the plot but then I’ll be spoiling other people so never mind. Just my opinions then. The drama has this fantasy element, what with the body swap/soul swap. I mean, lightning suddenly flashes, Ra Im disappears into a swirling mist in Joo Won’s imagination, just watch it to see it!

I was waiting for the swap but then, I love this set-up. Liking each other first before the swap. Anyway, I can wait for some episodes more before the swap occurs because I REALLY REALLY LIKE WHAT I’M SEEING.<3

AND LET US NOT FORGET THE SPARKLY TRACKSUIT. I think that bit made me invested into this drama. THAT WAS REALLY FUNNY AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Sparly tracksuit FTW forever!

Gil Ra Im seems cool outside but she’s just really a girl on the inside who perks up with little compliments. How I love her assertiveness and when she showed WHO’S DA BOSS with Yoon Seul. BWAHAHAHAHA

I also hate that Park Chae Rin whom Ra Im stuntwoman-s for. WHAT A VERB =))

Funny!Hyun Bin is the best! Ever since I saw Kim Sam Soon, I just want to see Hyun Bin in this kind of roles. He’s such a man-child and he perfectly acts and portrays those cool, arrogant, rich but OH-SO-IMPERFECT guys in Korean dramas. I LOVE IMPERFECT DRAMA CHARACTERS *ahem* Taekyung *ahem*. πŸ˜›

And with Funny Binnie is Funny Yoon Sang Hyun so hurray for my heart who loves all rom-com and funny things! Yay!

The drama is fast-paced and I was not bored even for a second. Everyone has great presence although I won’t say that for the hateful characters. Oooooh! I haven’t said a thing about Philip Lee! Philip Lee plays Im Jong Soo, the action school director of Ra Im and who’s madly in love with her. I actually don’t care about him and I think my Second Male Lead Syndrome won’t act up because 1) I don’t actually like/love Philip Lee and 2) I am so onboard the Ra Im-Joo Won ship that I won’t be leaving it. πŸ˜› But when he says something sweet to Ra Im, I also can’t help myself but melt into a puddle of goo. *giddy heart*

And Joo Won and Oska’s house. IS THAT EVEN A HOUSE? ISN’T THAT IN OUTER SPACE? OMG, the HOUSE IS EPIC. Modern style pluse luscious gardens and a lake. A VERY VERY VERY SPACIOUS “BACKYARD”. Trees, EVERYTHING.

And Joo Won is a mommy’s boy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA =)) I LOVE IMPERFECT CHARACTERS! And I find his assistant FUNNY too. WEEHEEHOO I LOVE THIS DRAMA ALREADY! And Ra Im’s friend! SHE IS SO FUNNY AND VERY LIKEABLE. If all friends in dramas are like that! And Joo Won’s secretary/assistant is close with Ra Im’s friend. I think there’ll be romance! πŸ˜›

Just watch the drama because I PROMISE YOU, IT IS FUN, LIGHT-HEARTED AND SO NOT BORING. πŸ˜€

Episode 3, pleaaaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.