#nowplaying You Make Me Feel… – Cobra Starship

I blogged about hearing The Icarus Account’s Cover HERE so I obviously need to listen to the original. I like Cobra Starship so I thought, why not? And I freakin’ loved it! The MV, really simple, with product placement even but that photobooth, I WANT! And halfway through the video, I realized that this is what Cherry (Happy Birthday!) and I heard on the radio some time before. We planned to google the lyrics but how can we google it if we only hear “you make me feel so lalalalala”. Haha! We also noticed that it sounds like Rihanna but it doesn’t feel like Rihanna. Now I know it’s Sabi and I like here! So I went from happy to giddy because it’s like I’m meant to hear this song. (Whuuuuttt?) And, let’s be honest, Gabe Sporta’s mullet hair is love. I don’t know what’s with my love for singers/vocalists with the mullet (Bruno Mars and A Rocket to the Moon’s Nick Santino) but I just dig it. As in I was smiling so hard just seeing his hair. Gah. ❤ Why am I so weird? Haha! Anyway, listen to it! Single drops on August 29! 😛