Checking in on: Father is Strange Episodes 1-10

That scene was from the third episode where I ended up howling with laughter, as well as my mom, who only went to my room to escape the Wimbledon Men’s Finals (she was getting anxious) but ended up watching a bit of Father is Strange with me. After seeing this scene, she left the room because she didn’t want to be spoiled because she knew she’ll definitely watch this show. What better way to sell Father is Strange than Lee Joon’s chest, right? Hahaha!

After reading raves after raves of Father is Strange on Dramabeans and learning that the recent episodes were such hits in Korea that they’ve been reaching 30%+ in ratings, I knew I really had to start binging this one. As of writing this post, I’ve seen only up until Episode 10, which I’ve practically binged last weekend. I intend on binging this drama on weekends only, not only to keep up with the ~weekend feel~ but because I also love watching it on our TV’s big screen (well, not really big but at least it’s bigger than my laptop) while lounging in bed. So hopefully next week I’ll have a post for you about the episodes I’ll get into.

Anyway, I planned on writing an episode-by-episode mini-recap but with such a big and connected ensemble cast, I found it hard to start writing them. I don’t even know where to start! Everyone is really connected. So I’ll just write about the characters and comment on them and along the way, their background story will be told. Spoilers will be casually thrown in so proceed at your own risk! (But this is a weekend family drama, who are you kidding, nothing is shocking. Spoilers are no big deals.) Continue reading →


My Princess Full-Length Trailer

OMG OMG OMG! The full-length trailer aka around-5-minute trailer of My Princess has been released! My Princess will premier later! OMG OMG SO EXCITED!

Kim Tae Hee is so adorable and cute. Cutest thing ever since babies! OMG. Song Seung Heon is as wooden as ever but at least he’s so pretty to look at (face and abs)! HAHA! Just watch the trailer! And Ryu Soo Young! :DDD

To get you more excited, YUMMY Song Seung Heon pictures! AKA ABSSSSS.



With a shower scene like that, I bet ratings will reach the stratosphere. Haha! If you still aren’t convinced to watch My Princess, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. 😛

My Princess Official Posters, Character Stills and Subbed Teaser Trailer


I’m really excited for My Princess which will premier on January 5 9:55pm KST. That’s 8:55pm here in the Philippines, YO! My Princess stars Song Seung Heon, Kim Tae Hee, Ryu Soo Young and Park Ye Jin. Click under the cut for the promised goods!

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My Princess Second Teaser Trailer

I can’t wait to see Kim Tae Hee acting like some sly but earnest princess-to-be dancing to Hoot. Haha! And Song Seung Heon’s abs, fo sho. :)) With an adorable face like Kim Tae Hee, it’s hard not to act cute and pretty, isn’t it? Haha! Excited! 😀

First Teaser Trailer for My Princess starring Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee

OMG. I adore Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon because theirs are a pretty face to look at. Seriously, I can stare at them for a whole day. Kim Tae Hee is so pretty and a straight-A student so she’s like the ideal girl. Song Seung Heon is so tasty with his face and abs combo. Haha! Okay, what am I saying? It’s that I’m not the least excited about My Princess BEFORE. They are not amazing actors so why bother watching it, right? It might as well make me cringe so why will I make myself suffer that? But everything has changed since this teaser trailer.

The plot is so Cinderella but it is a rom-com! They have never done a rom-com before and that’s why it’s murky and unsure waters they are treading. But after seeing the trailer, I think I am so on this drama ship and I’ll be watching it. Kim Tae Hee as some sly, spunky and assertive girl, that is a thing I must see. And the trailer was so hilarious! Kim Tae Hee singing SNSD’s Hoot to Song Seung Heon with equally adorable dancing. Kim Tae Hee, singing Hoot, do I need more convincing? Then they show SSH’s abs, OKAY I AM SO IN THIS. Then, I dunno, the atmosphere of the trailer is so funny and light and rom-com and I just wanna watch it. You know those brainless movies that you keep on watching because it makes you feel good because well, they are feel-good movies? Yeah, it’s like those! Just don’t pull a Cinderella’s Sister on me and put JUICY stuff on the trailer that won’t actually appear in the drama itself.

Okay, come January 2011, I’ll be watching it. If it’s good enough and funny enough, then, let us make space, hard drive, for My Princess. 😛 And Kim Tae Hee’s laugh at the end makes me wanna watch it now! :)) Oh, don’t you kid. It was SSH’s abs that made you wanna watch it now. :))
On a side note, having mentioned Cinderella’s Sister, I am so stoked for Chun Jung Myung’s The Duo. ❤