Happy Birthday, Wookie!

Happy Birthday, Ryeowook! You’re still cute as ever! But you’re getting manlier these days! Fake!Magnae ❤


Happy Birthday Wookie!


I can’t afford to freakin’ make this a birthday-picspam-pimp post since I am still not well-versed with Super Junior. Oh come on, I just turned over to the dark side late this May. =)))) A month hasn’t passed since I went gaga over them and slept at 4am because of them. So I didn’t have the time YET to save pics since I was busy-ing myself watching SJ vids – catching up what I was missing for the past 15 years of my life. Oops, I just blurted out my age but it has no relation to this post. Oh, how talkative I am. XDD So definitely no astonishing post that you’ll see here. But I just really want to do this so yes, I’m actually doing this and I’ve written a paragraph already to show my growing love for SuJu. Thus, this will be a birthday-pimp post, yey! So I shall stop my “defense” here since I know you’re just sick as I am with excuses.



When I first liked SuJu, I didn’t noticed Wookie immediately. I was blinded by Donghae’s classic handsomeness, Kibum’s irresistible face, Eunhyuk’s dancing awesomeness and Heechul’s weirdness and loquaciousness. But as I came to know each member, well, I saw that Wookie is such a cutie. He looks so small and breakable and I just want to pinch his cheeks. So adorable! He’s like the cutest (along with Sungmin) in SJ. *gnaws Wookie and Sungmin weehoohoo* My first comment is that he’ll be a cute lil brother except that he’s older than me. Uh-oh, is that even possible? 😛

And as I watched more and MORE and MORE videos of SuJu, I knew that he’s not just a cute face but a wickedly talented young man. Being able to hit those high notes perfectly, his voice is just PRECIOUS. He’s one of the lead singers in SJ and I couldn’t agree more to how good he is. Not just that, but he loves composing music (and will stay up until he finishes it) and plays the piano really well. He’s a true musician. Oh dear, I am weak with musician guys. Oh goodness.

What I like about him is that I can distinguish his voice immediately. I mean in a song ‘cause it’s so distinctive. Heehee. And his cheekbones, oh! My first vids of SJ are those of Full House. And Wookie is not there and when I see him sometimes, he looks so quiet. Or so I thought. But as I watch variety shows ahem referring to Come to Play ahem he’s also talkative. And other members said that he’s like an aunt. He cooks for them and he gets angry when they just eat whatever and don’t ask him to cook. Aaaaaawwww. He also prepares food for Donghae at 3am when Donghae has a schedule on 5am. More aaaaaaaaaaawwww. They said he’s a really good cook. Even his mum said that he didn’t joined SJ to be a maid. Heehee. :)) He washes strawberry for the members if they want blahblah. Such a sweetie.

And I think he’s pretty handsome and attractive. I mean, maybe not Donghae or Kibum’s level, but I think he has definitely more face value compared to other members. But I love all of them. 😀 😀 He used to be chubby, but now, look at him, he’s so skinny.


Birthname: Kim Ryeowook

Also known as: Lixu

Birthday: June 21, 1987

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Blood type: O

Birthplace: Incheon, Korea

Hobbies: singing, composing music

Voice type: Tenor

Since I haven’t got to know them really deeply, the vids I’ll be posting might not be epic. Maybe most of you have already seen it but if it’s Super Junior, everything is worth watching for again (and again and again and again XDD). LOL. Since I’m new to this fandom, the vids mught be too old or too new since I haven’t made my way to what are the best SuJu vids. So yeah. Here it is! Enjoy. 😀

Arirang Showbiz Extra Ryeowook’s Monologue. I’m surprised that he has a high alcohol tolerance level since he’s so small! I mean, 4 bottles of soju is a lot, right?

Wookie im ni da. Such a cutie! 😀

HaeWook learns how to latin dance. Just a fancam. XD

Relay talk Eng Subbed. Song Battle Cut Wookie. Pre-Debut. Dance Fail. Singing battle with Kyu. Acapella Marry U with Eunhyuk, Leeteuk and Shindong. Wookie with Kids.

Wookie playing the piano (Super Mario). Singing Honesty on SJ Show. Still With. I Still Don’t Know. My Sadness only. Eud Deon Geu Ri Um. Love is Like Glass. Pa Bo (Fool). Kiss Goodbye. Just When I Needed You the Most.

P.S. pt. 0. I’m so sorry. Other vids to be posted soon. I wasn’t able to finish this post because I started going to uni. Oh, the stress of my first week. So sorry. Will edit this soon enough. 🙂

P.S. It took me a week to do this post. I’ve spent my time in front of the lappy researching and preparing this so give me some slack. I promise to be more animated in blogging so it would be more enjoyable to read this. And I promise to use a thesaurus so I won’t ran out of adjectives.

P.S. version 2. Birthday/Pimp post done. Will now prepare for the July celebrants since there are too many. Teuk (SJ) on the 1st, Heechul (SJ) on the 10th and Taemin (SHINee) on the 18th. Then I’ll get to breathe before the birthdays in August.

OMG, I almost ended this post without greeting Wookie. My dear, dear Wookie, Happy Happy Birthday to you! I wish you more cuteness and may you be able to compose more. Don’t stress yourself too much, take time to eat. Okay, I’ll stop here since I sound as if I’m his mother. I promise you that I won’t leave SJ and I’ll get to know you more.


Subbed! Living Show (6/10) LT,KI,RW,EH

I promised this blog that I’ll treat it well from now on. So here.

A clip with Leeteuk, Kang In, Ryeowook and Eunhyuk from Super Junior. XD With subs! I know you want to watch it now!

Lucky girl, to see 4 members of SuJu and even hugging my Hyukkie! Really envious. But look at her mother, she seem so excited too. XDXD And during the pinky promise, her mother joined too and look at the thumbs. It was Hyukkie’s. Aaaaaw. Really envious here. Wahahaha. :)))

Thanks to sjsubs09@yt for subbing. XD