Film Review: Handsome Devil (2016)

I first learned about Handsome Devil from this review on Bitch Stole My Remote. I’m a sucker for teen coming-of-age films, may it be with romantic or platonic relationships, straight or queer, just preferably with a dash of self-effacing wit and humor. After reading that review, I definitely wanted to see the film but thought that’s not gonna happen anytime soon as I doubt it’ll ever be shown here in the Philippines. I should have trusted Netflix though! Because as I was browsing this morning, I found this under the newly added section. Hallelujah! I queued it right away as I certainly had an hour and a half to spare. Hope you read on! Continue reading “Film Review: Handsome Devil (2016)”


Checking in on: Father is Strange Episodes 1-10

That scene was from the third episode where I ended up howling with laughter, as well as my mom, who only went to my room to escape the Wimbledon Men’s Finals (she was getting anxious) but ended up watching a bit of Father is Strange with me. After seeing this scene, she left the room because she didn’t want to be spoiled because she knew she’ll definitely watch this show. What better way to sell Father is Strange than Lee Joon’s chest, right? Hahaha!

After reading raves after raves of Father is Strange on Dramabeans and learning that the recent episodes were such hits in Korea that they’ve been reaching 30%+ in ratings, I knew I really had to start binging this one. As of writing this post, I’ve seen only up until Episode 10, which I’ve practically binged last weekend. I intend on binging this drama on weekends only, not only to keep up with the ~weekend feel~ but because I also love watching it on our TV’s big screen (well, not really big but at least it’s bigger than my laptop) while lounging in bed. So hopefully next week I’ll have a post for you about the episodes I’ll get into.

Anyway, I planned on writing an episode-by-episode mini-recap but with such a big and connected ensemble cast, I found it hard to start writing them. I don’t even know where to start! Everyone is really connected. So I’ll just write about the characters and comment on them and along the way, their background story will be told. Spoilers will be casually thrown in so proceed at your own risk! (But this is a weekend family drama, who are you kidding, nothing is shocking. Spoilers are no big deals.) Continue reading “Checking in on: Father is Strange Episodes 1-10”


Premiere Watch: Man Who Dies to Live (Episodes 1-2 Recap)

Maybe it’s me overcompensating with my Wednesday and Thursday freeing up now that Suspicious Partner is over (*mourns forever*) but I can’t help it, both new shows in the Wed-Thu line-up interested me enough to garner checking them out. I posted a recap and my thoughts on the premiere of Reunited Worlds (linked) earlier and now I’m doing the same for Man Who Dies to Live. I already picked up a new show in Reunited Worlds. Will Man Who Dies to Live make the cut? Read on. Continue reading “Premiere Watch: Man Who Dies to Live (Episodes 1-2 Recap)”

Premiere Watch: Man Who Dies to Live (Episodes 1-2 Recap)

Premiere Watch: Reunited Worlds (Episodes 1-2 Recap)

Yesterday saw the premiere of Reunited Worlds, the newest drama from SBS this week, which replaced Suspicious Partner on its Wednesday-Thursday line-up. I’m here to weigh in on the first hour and judge it to determine if I’m going to continue on with it week per week or binge it near the end or completely pass on it. We’ll see. Continue reading “Premiere Watch: Reunited Worlds (Episodes 1-2 Recap)”


KDrama Review: W-Two Worlds

I finished this drama in only four days and given the limitations of my watching schedule, that was quick. In fact, I didn’t go to work last Wednesday just so I can finally binge it until the end. (What can I say, I excel in truancy!)  W-Two Worlds was exhilarating, but confusing. And I knew I was being manipulated (FEEL THIS! FEEL THAT! BE SHOCKED! ANOTHER TWIST/PROBLEM JUST SO I CAN THROW YOU IN FOR A LOOP!) but I was complicit in the manipulation. I knew it had faults but I was too into knowing what will happen next that I didn’t mind the things (everything!) being glossed over. And here I am trying to make sense of what I really feel about it. Do I like it? Do I hate that it pulled a bag of tricks on me and then left me hanging? (I won’t be careful about spoilers so read at your own risk!) Continue reading “KDrama Review: W-Two Worlds”


Recap: My Secret Romance Episode 1

Sung Hoon with a cat, I can’t deal

Heya! I’m trying my hand on this recapping biz again. Sorry if this is weeks late though. Hope you’d still appreciate it and fangirl with me. Also, if I get lazy as I get through this post, it just might turn into an opinion-cap and not a detailed recap. We’ll see. Here goes!

(All of the gifs courtesy of my dear friend Charlie!)

*** Continue reading “Recap: My Secret Romance Episode 1”

Recap: My Secret Romance Episode 1

KDrama Review: Noble, My Love

I started Noble, My Love because I had serious Sung Hoon withdrawal after watching the first two episodes of My Secret Romance and just needing more MOAR MOAR. (Recaps for My Secret Romance as soon as I get my lazy ass working!) It didn’t help that Noble, My Love was available in Netflix and was only 20 episodes long, with each episode only clocking at 15 minutes. That’s what, only 5 hours of my life? So it didn’t seem like such a big commitment. And let’s be real, 5 hours of Sung Hoon is going to be worth it.

I mean, the drama introduces Sung Hoon’s character with this? Right? All worth it. Read on for my word vomit on this web drama! (Not exactly a review.) Continue reading “KDrama Review: Noble, My Love”


You got that Dane DeHaan as James Dean look in your eye | Film Review: Life (2015)

Last week, instead of preparing for my thesis progress report, I watched Life, the 2015 movie starring Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan. Pattinson played Dennis Stock, the photographer who took the iconic photos of James Dean, played by DeHaan, back in the 1950s. I have never heard of Dennis Stock and while I know who James Dean is, it’s more like, oh-that-super-handsome-actor-Taylor-Swift-referenced-in-Style. I haven’t seen any of James Dean’s few movies although I’ve already seen these iconic photos of his. So instinctively, if we were going to be honest, which is my rule here in my blog, I would have never even touched this movie with a ten-feet pole. It’s just that, I’m not really into biography-like films and all that. I’m a fiction girl, I like them made-up stories.

But who do we have here? WE HAVE DANE DEHAAN AND I WATCH ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING WITH DANE DEHAAN. Hello, I took a selfie with his poster of Life After Beth outside a fastfood restaurant. I mean:

I did that. If that doesn’t convince you that I’m obsessed with him I’m a fan, then I don’t know what else. So obviously, I watched Life even though I was sure I’d get bored.

But see, I DIDN’T. While I didn’t know how James Dean moved or spoke but I do know that Dane definitely didn’t resemble him, I thought Dane did a fine good job being that rebel James Dean evoked but still having that boyishness to him. He’d go loud one second then real quiet the next. It was like the less psychotic version of his Lucien Carr in Kill Your Darlings and I had fun watching him.

And while Dane DeHaan was amazing (AS ALWAYS HELLO, BB IS GREAT), it was actually Robert Pattinson who took me by surprise. I’ve never seen any of his projects post-Twilight but boy, did he held up his own against Dane DeHaan. In a film where the plot revolves around a photographer convincing one of the icons of that decade to be his subject, it’s easy for the audience to see just the subject in the story. After all, that’s also who we know, James Dean. The director specifically mentioned in his interviews that the film was about Dennis Stock but I thought for sure it’s gonna focus on James Dean. But coupled with the team’s intention of making a film about Dennis Stock and Robert Pattinson’s performance, Life turned out to be really a film about Dennis Stock.

Robert Pattinson was a revelation to me in here. His scenes with his son? HE NAILED IT. He desperately wanted to connect with him but he just can’t. He’s trying but he can’t. The quiet frustration, the determination and passion, he embodied the character. They were a pair, these two.

As for the cinematography, it was the right mix of bleak I always imagined Hollywood behind-the-scenes would be. Who am I kidding, I have to study more technicalities in film making to be able to comment more on the cinematography, editing, and sound. But I thought the film had done a great job in presenting its material.

So that’s my mini word vomit on Life because I like sharing what I think about shows and films even though I’m the only one who cares. Kthxbai.

You got that Dane DeHaan as James Dean look in your eye | Film Review: Life (2015)

Too rom and not enough com | Review: The Mindy Project Season 1


Last weekend, I finished the first season of The Mindy Project and I certainly did not expect that I will end up disappointed. Because:

  1. I loved Mindy Kaling’s books: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and Other Concerns) and Why Not Me?So it’s kinda safe to assume that I like Mindy’s humor and I find her inspiring too.
  2. I love Chris Messina as previously established. This is the major reason, probably 70% and the prior reason only cashes in 30%.

I never thought I’d find too much romance in a romcom-sitcom to be a negative point against it but here I am. I want my romcoms to be funny and The Mindy Project fails to make me laugh.

Moreover, it’s almost all about Mindy’s lovelife. I don’t feel like I fully got a look into her character even though the first season has 24 episodes. Girl, you’re a doctor. And while there have been few plot points regarding her practice, I feel like the show is still too skewed on her lovelife. And I don’t buy that she’s able to date that much, okay. There were so many guys! I sound so bitter here but I just can’t suspend my disbelief.

Sure, there are also female friendships and work relationships and work ethics but nothing grabbed me the whole of the first season. Which was majorly saddening because I never thought that I won’t love this show…

I also know that the title of the show is THE MINDY PROJECT so the focus is on Mindy but I just wish the other characters had more depth. It’s also weird how some possible plot points and/or relationships were not tapped yet. I feel like there were so many wasted opportunities?

I could forgive the show for not being able to make me laugh (ack, I haven’t written my post about Mozart in the Jungle, which is another case of this-is-not-funny-to-me) but it has to make me care. Or since it’s so full of romance, I should feel giddy from the romance of it all. Sadly, I don’t care and I only feel giddy because of Chris Messina (and the little bit with BJ Novak!) but not with the script or the plot. T_T

Ultimately, the more disappointing/disturbing aspect in this whole debacle of mine regarding THE MINDY PROJECT is that I still want to watch it because I WANNA GET TO MINDY’S ROMANCE WITH CHRIS MESSINA. And I even wanna get to the third season because I want to see how leaving Fox and being picked up by Hulu changed the freedom and thus, the liberties the show would take.

And so, I am destined to watch this show because I am putty with Chris Messina and he’s the freaking reason that I’m watching this (seriously, for the first two episodes, I squealed every time he was onscreen, which was ALL THE TIME) but I’m not interested in rushing it. In due time, in due time. Which sounds like never at this point. Gah. We’ll see!

Too rom and not enough com | Review: The Mindy Project Season 1

Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale

Now that the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries is premiering in a few days, it’s time to weigh in my thoughts on the previous season’s finale. I just finished the last few episodes of TVD’s Season 3 last, last (last?) week (I know it’s too late but blame school!) and color me shocked with what happened! Granted, I accidentally read a spoiler that made me postpone watching it because I was sorta pissed that I read it but I didn’t see things coming! Beware, SPOILERS AHEAD!

I didn’t get it immediately that Elena’s now a vampire. Everything was happening fast and I didn’t immediately understand it when Meredith said that she helped Elena. So my thoughts on the finale in bullet points because bullet points are love!

So it might be shocking (or not) that Elena is now a vampire after three seasons. If show decides that there’s a loophole and I see a very non-vampire Elena on season four’s first episode, I will hack this show with a virtual saw. I mean, you finally decided to turn her into a vampire and I do think it’s inevitable since what, everyone’s a vampire, and then you go chicken balls on me and you want to keep her a “human” (She’s still THE doppelganger!), I will get mad show, I will.

However, I do think that a vampire Elena makes for a less interesting show. Some of you might argue that it will actually make it more interesting. She’s now a vampire so how will very moral Elena adapt to it. What will Damon do now? Will Katherine show up? Will Damon break Stefan’s neck for letting Elena die? What’s gonna happen? Yes, those are interesting problems but I’m just curious what will be the general goal of the show now that Elena’s a vampire? It’s been all about protecting her since the first season and now that she’s sorta invincible (faster, stronger, immortal), what’s gonna happen? Ric’s dead (HUHUHUHU), I just don’t know where the show’s gonna head.

Of course, the Klaus-Caroline-Tyler front is MIGHTY INTERESTING but I will definitely miss Joseph Morgan. They didn’t show his body burn to ashes so I hope he can come back soon. Heehee. I haven’t published this long-standing draft of a villain review of Joseph Morgan’s Klaus but I will soon, in memory of him. Haha! Anyway, Klaus is now in Tyler’s body and I imagine it’s gonna be hard for Michael Trevino to act that one out but I have faith in him. So what happens is that both Team Forwood and Team Klaroline wins because we have Tyler’s body but Klaus in it. Haha! Now Tyler gets to be the big baddie and such a great and large role! But Joseph Morgan. Part of I stuck with TVD was Joseph Morgan, I’m serious. I mean, I never planned on dropping it but by Heart of Darkness, I was so busy with school. I only finished TVD the past few weeks because I miss Joseph Morgan and season four’s starting soon.

And now that Elena is a vampire, she’ll remember that memory Damon compelled and all other things and I am so excited. Delena forever! I do think Stefan is good but meh, Damon forever!

Anyway, my thoughts are everywhere. Point is, I will still watch TVD and I hope it’s still good!

Three days!




Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale