Promo for Revenge S02E13 Union


Sneak Peek Videos of Revenge S02E12 Collusion


Promo for Revenge S02E12 Collusion


Sneak Peek Video of Revenge S02E11 Sabotage


Songs from Revenge S02E10 Power

Richard Walters, “Dandelion”
Int. Stowaway – Jack gives Amanda her old sea glass necklace

The Fearless Vampire Killers, “For You & Me”
Scene: Cops show up at the Stowaway

Moo Industries, “Baltimore Sun”
Scene: Everyone attends the Liberty Project Benefit Party

Moo Industries, “She Does”
Scene: Emily confronts the Judges wife at the benefit before her speech

Drawn From Bees, “The East Wood Fox”
Scene: Charlotte comes by the bar to distract the brothers, while Declan snoops around

JL Hodges, “Honest I Promise”
Scene: Charlotte continues to distract, while Declan finds drugs hidden in coffee beans

The Owsley Brothers, “Blood & Fire”
Scene: Declan tells Jack about the drugs he found

Steve Rice, “Lounge Party Starting”
Scene: Daniel and Conrad meet for lunch

Promo for Revenge S02E11 Sabotage


Another Sneak Peek Video of Revenge S02E10 Power


Sneak Peek Video of Revenge S02E10 Power


Promo for Revenge S02E10 Power

Last episode was the fall finale episode. Enjoy!

Songs from Revenge S02E09 Revelations

“Leading Me Now” by The Tallest Man On Earth
Scene: Jacks asks “Amanda” if she’s seen his dad’s address book and then gets a call from Nolan.

“Tunnels” by The Hundred In The Hands
Scene: Ashley leaves the Grayson’s; Jack finds a gun hidden in his boat; Daniel looks at photos on his laptop.