[Changing Tastes] I can’t kick you, Second Lead Syndrome

So I submitted this to Dramabeans’ call for submissions on the prompt Changing Tastes but it did not make the cut. So I’m posting it here! At first I was a bit sad that it wasn’t posted but after looking through my submission once again, I realized how inferior it was and how scattered. There is even no point and I didn’t answer the prompt in actuality. Hahaha! So now I’m glad that this wasn’t posted because that would have been embarrassing. But I can be embarrassing here on my own blog so I’m still posting it. This is for all the underdog lovers. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading →


Premiere Watch: Reunited Worlds (Episodes 1-2 Recap)

Yesterday saw the premiere of Reunited Worlds, the newest drama from SBS this week, which replaced Suspicious Partner on its Wednesday-Thursday line-up. I’m here to weigh in on the first hour and judge it to determine if I’m going to continue on with it week per week or binge it near the end or completely pass on it. We’ll see. Continue reading →