Cooking with KDramas (1): Seafood Ramyun in Buamdong Revenge Club

New feature alert! If you must know, I almost always cook everything that I eat since I’m living in an apartment with my sister in the city during weekdays to be closer to work. It’s so expensive to eat out and ever since I started watching my weight, it’s just so much easier to count calories (or fake count exact calories since I stopped because it took so much of my time) when you cook your own food. My sister used to help cook but these days, it’s all me. Although I’m not too mad about it because I like to cook! Although I’m not entirely good at it. I’m kind of afraid of salt and I don’t have the patience to make the dish super tasty. “Season to your taste” is my nemesis. Hahaha!

Anyway, I’m getting off tangent. So the thing is, a lot of kdramas feature mouthwatering food and I almost always crave whatever they’re having. So the same week or the week after, I end up cooking what I saw to sate my cravings. And I thought, why not share it on my blog! So this feature would share whatever I cooked because of a kdrama and if possible, the recipe too. I’m still lazy as fuck in taking ~instagram-worthy~ photos of my food so please bear with me.

And the pilot food/recipe is the seafood ramyun inĀ Buamdong Revenge Club as cooked by the character Hee-soo! Continue reading →