Rain for 1st Look

He certainly couldn’t have left for the army just like that. Before being gone for two years, he had a photoshoot and an interview for 1st Look Magazine. Click under the cut for more photos.

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Rain goes to the army

He looks so young! I mean, this is RAIN, hot, manly and sexy, then now he go cuts his hair and he’s looking like a boy! Anyway, the whole deal with Rain’s army service is finally over because he’s finally going. There’s just two months left before the deadline so, he really needs to go, sadly. The world will miss him so much. *sings Rainism, Love Story and Love Song*

More pictures under the cut!

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Rain for Esquire March 2011

Rain takes on Jason Bourne for Esquire’s March issue. Whatever, let’s just get to the yummy part!


Three more pictures under the cut!

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MBLAQ and Rain Practicing Stay

I love MBLAQ, I really do. I just think that no one could do it like Rain. Rain so awesome when he goes to military service I think I’ll lose fat from missing him and thinking that he’s away for FREAKING 2 years. Haha! Exaggerated, yes, but he’s really one-of-a-kind. Although I love it that Rain didn’t ditched MBLAQ even though he sold his stocks! He contributed a song and even trains them. ❀ Papa Rain! *swoons forever* His version of the Stay dance was so sharp and crisp. He has this certain way of dancing that will just get you floored. *daydreams*

Happy Together S3 Rain-Hyori Vids

I totally ship this pairing. Just get together, okay! Haha! Anyway, some vids. πŸ™‚

I love shy!Rain and embarassed!Rain and everything!Rain. Haha! Are Hyori and Rain really not dating? Because they seem so close okay. ❀ Just watch the vid. And Goo Hara dancing and stripping (?) =))

Rain and Hyori Ssanti Dance. :))

Just date, ya know!

Haburday Nichkhunnie &Β Rain!

Do not bash me for forgetting their birthdays because I didn’t. I just don’t have the time to post on the 24th for Nichkhun and on the 25th for Rain. And I wasn’t able to post it when I already had the time because I was busy fangirling as hell and catching up. I’ve imposed a ban on myself – not doing any fangirling during Tues, Wed and Thurs. Yes, so I won’t be distracted. My studies might suffer if I keep watching Wooyoung acting like a fly in the wall and Nichkhun and Junho wondering why they had such stupid bandmates. XDD And here’s the vid. XDD

What a good way to post a vid. XDD So yeah uhm, about the birthdays. πŸ™‚ Since I only got to be a Hottest last May, I wasn’t able to write their birthdays on my planner due to my busy schedule and the workload I’m getting. (excuses) XP A friend had informed me that it was Nichkhun’s birthday the next day. The next day, my co-fangirl/classmate and I celebrated his birthday by eating street foods! Yay for unhealthy food! Actually, we just used Nichkhun’s birthday to eat. XDD Yes, we celebrated it. Oh, how good fans! lol. btw, the one who sms-ed me that it was Nichkhun’s bday was not the one I ate streetfoods with. πŸ˜€

The next day, it was raining really hard. And while I was sitting in the bus going to school, my friend texted me that it’s Rain’s birthday and how coincidentally that Manila is suffering from a stormy day. XDD It was really cool. :)) JYP (if I’m not mistaken) nicknamed Bi as Rain because it always rains when he records his songs, etc. Agreed! :)) But no celebration was done since 1) we have no money, 2) we’re not much of a fan although we know rain and we know that he’s such a great performer and lastly, 3) it’s already Friday and it’s the second week of uni so we just want it to end badly and we all wanna go home. :DDDD

So yeah, so much for a burtdee-filled week. I know, some members of some girl groups also celebrated their birthday this weekend but I’m no fan YET. :DDD It’s really hard liking a group especially if they are in the industry for quite a long time. So much vids to catch up and all. Ohwellll. But Happy Birthday to them nonetheless. πŸ˜€


I’m actually at the process of knowing 2PM’s voice. After this, I will proceed to loving 2AM because they need more love from me. HAHAHAHA. :))))

Music Bank (6/26)

Boys’ Generation. [YEY FOR HD!] HAHAHAHA. :))) This perf was really cool. And how good of Sungmin to still perform even though he injured his knee. The show must still go on even though he’s in that state. Oh Sungmin, what a pro you are. Key is just feminine. PERIOD. I mean Jo Kwon is such a girl-wannabe but he’s so funny and awesome and I just forget how gay he is in this. But Key, oh Key, I thought you won’t get to sing. But yey! I see that Key wears a different outfit from them, hmmm, why? And Hyukkiedeedoo’s rap is awesome! And LOL at Shindong’s hair! What’s with the weird parting? :))) I can’t believe Taec can actually look girly-ish, HAHAHAHA. I’m used to his fierce (or dorky) self so it was really kewl. And Sungmin (again), he’s just meant to sing girl group’s songs. :)))) Jay looks awkward, idk and idgi, errr, it’s just that he’s just so manlyyyyy, yaknow. Yesung was his usual self, nothing changed except that he wore colorful skinny jeans. :))) Well, Khun looked like he’s the LA version of Goku in the American movie. Not an insult but I just noticed it. HEEHEE. I think he can be more girly if he wants to. :))) If you still don’t know, Sungmin had an injury the morning before this performance in Music Bank (during the rehearsal) so if you’ll see in the SJ – It’s You + Sorry Sorry perf, he’s just on the side. Yeah, aaaaawww.

And Onew. We all know about his prior teeth incident before their comeback perf, right? And now, while performing, he slipped and was seen limping during encore. And then, a light fixture almost fell on him (fortunately, siwon and kyu were able to catch it) but they say that all the sensory overload made him faint. His manager piggybacked him and he was brought to the hospital. They said he’s already fine but I wish he’ll get more rest. Aaaaw, my dear tofu. XC Juliette perf + fancam of Onew being carried. :((( And the tribute to MJ. We are the Future.

And well 2PM’s I Hate You (+ Again&Again) just gets better and better. Ohmy, Junho and Wooyoung. Actually, I can’t rank them but I’m sorry but Junsu appears to be my least fave. Sorry Junsu, but I acknowledge your singing skills. :)) Weeheehee. :D:D

HAHAHAHA. What was supposedly a birthday greeting to Rain and Nickkhun became a Music Bank perf post. :))))

I didn’t mentioned 2NE1 but I watched their perfs. I’m not a FAN YET and I feel lazy after wibbling a number of words. :))) Yeah, excuses once again.

Teuk’s burtdee is coming so I’ll be making a birthday post but don’t expect much. And sorry Nickkhun for not writing you a birthday post. I didn’t had the time to prepare for it since I only knew it the day before and I’m under a ban. So yeah. But I shall make one for you next year, when EPIC vids are already available (since 2PM started just some months ago). Excuses. =))))) HAHAHAHAHA. lmao. okee, okee, that’s all for this post. bbye. πŸ™‚

G-Dragon, don’t let me leave you, please fix your hair. :))))

I’m planning to get a tat (just henna) of big bang or g-dragon or seungri or whatever. But I’m afraid to do so because a) I have no money and b) my parents might see it and think that I joined a sorority or a whatever. =))))))))