Protect the Boss English Subtitles by Fighting! Fansubs Now Available

The subtitles to the our beloved Wed-Thurs drama, Protect the Boss, is now available at Fighting! Fansubs! Click the link to go to our website. We already changed domains so I hope no one’s having problems accessing it. At last, that problem is solved! Please like our Facebook page so you can be updated with the subs. And follow us on Twitter too for subtitle updates. Thanks! Enjoy the show using our subtitles! 😀

Sorry for the delay! Most of the members became busy. Wait for the Episode 2 release because I’m the editor for that! If you want to help us speed up this project, please join Fighting! Fansubs! Thanks! 😀

Gah, I just need to share this! Protect the Boss! <3


I am not one to post previews but this bromance picture must be shared. Gah! I love these two to bits and that’s even after just watching episode 2! They look so cute together, reading the script and rehearsing. If you’ve seen the preview for Episode 7, you’ll get the picture. If not, then watch it here!


Let Us Just Love – A Pink (Protect the Boss Soundtrack)

Can’t help it! The song is so cute and stuck-in-your-head type! I first heard this when I was editing the subtitles for Protect the Boss Episode 2. (Btw, our subs will hopefully come out really really soon. Our Final QCer for Protect the Boss has been busy and when she comes back, she’ll get back to it asap!) And since this song was used as the closing song and it wasn’t timed, I had to time it and I’m the slowest and worst timer there maybe is. It took me so long and I ended up listening and listening to it that it got stuck in my head! And now, I’ve been listening to this song for at least once a day. The video I posted has romanized and English lyrics for us who can’t read hangul that fast and who can’t freakin’ understand a thing. You know you want to listen!

Btw, I haven’t properly watched PTB but from what I saw in Episode 2, it is so damn hilarious. Me likey likey! ❤

Protect the Boss!

I wanna do a first-impressions post but I can’t because no subs are available yet. Since this is just a side project of my fansub group, Fighting! Fansubs for now, I think subs may not be as fast as Heartstrings. Plus, DarkSmurfSubs is on hiatus until Monday so I can’t download there. (I still don’t have subtitles for Myungwol the Spy episodes 7 and 8 HUHU. Viki hasn’t released their subs too. It sucks not to understand Korean.) I read good reviews for Episode 1 but I did not read recaps so as not to spoil myself and so I can enjoy it.

My only fear is that I won’t like the drama when I already signed up for episode 2 editing. I hope episode 1 works for me! I checked Episode 1 earlier and I think it’s funny!

And I hope our subs will come out soon so I can watch it and edit it and post about it!

Third Teaser Trailer for Protect the Boss

At first, I wasn’t really sure about this drama. I don’t know any of the leads and I haven’t seen Ji Sung anywhere and he isn’t my type of guy. But these super interesting and wacky trailers keep coming and now I can’t wait for this drama! It sure looks oddball! I mean, a chaebol wearing a backpack to work? HAHAHA! I think Ji Sung looks super beta-male here, but a beta-male who’s arrogant. Aha! Gah! And it doesn’t help that Jaejoong is so pretty to look at and his character, though described as straight-laced, seems funny. I’m so hyped! But of course, I’ll wait for recaps first. But if I’ll be editing this drama, then, hell yeah, I’m gonna watch it. My Mom’s also nagging me to download this and be involved in the subbing process because she wanna watch it. Haha!

Long Teaser Trailer for Protect the Boss Released

With English subtitles! Enjoy! 😀

Protect the Boss Second Teaser Trailer

It looks like I’m excited about this drama with the number of posts dedicated to this drama. I’m not sure if I’m gonna watch this. I guess I’ll just wait for some feedback. Anyway, here’s the second trailer! 🙂

Protect the Boss Unveils Posters and Character Stills


Protect the Boss stars Choi Kang Hee (My Sweet City) , an almost-forever unemployed but now employed as secretary to an immature chaebol, played by Ji Sung (Royal Family). Jaejoong (Heaven’s Postman) stars as Ji Sung’s cousin who is a compete opposite of Ji Sung; he’s the normal chaebol. Wang Ji Hye (Personal Taste) is a lawyer, completing the love tangles.

Protect the Boss will air on August 3, replacing City Hunter.

Click under the cut for more posters and the character stills! 😀

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First Teaser Video for SBS’s Protect the Boss

I wasn’t really keen on this show but the teaser was funny and cute so I thought, “Why not post this?” HAHA. I probably won’t watch this since I’m no fan of DBSK or Jaejoong and I have tons of other dramas to watch. So say we all. But I’d probably check out recaps if ever. 🙂 So, here’s the teaser!

Protect the Boss stars Choi Kang Hee (My Sweet City), Ji Sung (Royal Family), Hero Jaejoong (Heaven’s Postman) and Wang Ji Hye (Personal Taste). The story revolves around No Eun Seol (Choi Kang Hee), who gets a job as a secretary at a law firm, after struggling with unemployment. Conflicts arise when she falls in love with her boss, Cha Ji Heon (Ji Sung), the immature youngest son of a chaebol family.

Protect the Boss will start airing on August 3 after City Hunter wraps.