Our First Look on Time Slip Dr. Jin starring Song Seung Heon and Park Min Young


Here’s our first look on Song Seung Heon and Park Min Young with their doctor coats from MBC’s upcoming drama, Time Slip Dr. Jin. This drama is based on the Dr. Jin manga, which is about the top surgeon in the present going back to the past. In this drama, Song Seung Heon plays Jin Hyuk, South Korea’s best surgeon who’s transported back in time to the Joseon Dynasty in the 1860s.

Time Slip Dr. Jin premieres on May 26.

credits to allkpop

More Photos of Park Min Young for her Singles Pictorial

I’ve posted two before here. Enjoy!

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Sultry Park Min Young for Singles Magazine

I hope more comes out! This concept is so fresh on Park Min Young. She’s always that plucky girl and I want her to step up, oh yeah!

Stars of King Kong Entertainment for High Cut Korea Vol. 67

Woah, I mean woah! Every entertainment agency should do a photoshoot together. ❤ We have Kim Sun Ah, Park Min Young, Sung Yu Ri, Kim Bum, Lee Dong Wook and more! More photos under the cut!

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Man of Honor Episode 1 Preview

I know it’s just some minutes left before the broadcast but I wanna post this! I wasn’t able to post it earlier albeit seeing it because I can’t access Youtube at school. Sad face. Oh well. Enjoy! And tell me if episode 1 is any good, please! 😀

Chun Jung Myung and Park Min Young Stills from Man of Honor

Aaaaaawwww! Puppy underdog face! Man of Honor premieres on October 12.

Poster, Character Photos and More Stills for Man of Honor

Chun Jung Myung, stop making those puppy faces or else I can’t resist and I’ll download this show. Haha! And Lee Jang Woo, you’re working the asshole role! I sorta forgot that you’re one cute puppy too. Man of Honor premieres on Wednesday, October 12. More more more under the cut! Continue reading →

Man of Honor releases Character Photos and More Stills

Whew, there has been an onslaught of promotional pictures. Just keep ’em coming! More Chun Jung Myung equals HAPPY ME! ❤ This is the first time I’m gonna watch him again after Cinderella’s Sister because I’m not big on sageuks so I’m not really planning on watching The Duo. Why do I feel that even if I ship PIE with Park Min Young here, my heart will break for Lee Jang Woo? Why? Why is he cute too? Haha!

More MORE MORE under the cut! 😀

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Man of Honor releases Another Teaser and Six-Minute Trailer

Above is the teaser and below is the six-minute trailer. It’s really interesting how I thought it’s gonna be a serious drama before but when the teasers came, I was like “oooooohhh yey it’s a romcom!”. Hahahaha! The teasers and trailers are so cute and upbeat that I just want to watch it! 24 episodes, baby. Here’s to hoping it gets recapped before I download and invest my slow Internet speed and hard drive memory. 😛

Chun Jung Myung stars as Young Kwang, a former baseball star who’s now just on second string. Park Min Young plays Jae In, a bubbly nurse aide. Lee Jang Woo is In Woo, Young Kwang’s rival, and is rude and arrogant. Lee Jin plays a design manager who has feelings for Young Kwang.

Man of Honor premieres on October 12, replacing The Princess Man.


KBS Releases Official Stills for Man of Honor starring Park Min Young and Chun Jung Myung

Okay, so everyone looks good in this drama. Now the temptation to watch it is increasing exponentially. Heehee. How can I resist PIE (Chun Jung Myung)? The kids are so cute too! Ick, why am I so easy to sway? At least when this premieres, I’m already on my coveted break! ❤

Man of Honor (or Glorious Jae In) premieres on October 12 on KBS.

More stills under the cut! 😀

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