Color of Woman OST Part 1

It’s Gavy NJ’s What to Do. Enjoy!

What’s Up Posters and Lunatic by Big Bang’s Daesung from What’s Up OST

What’s Up starring Im Joo Hwan (who is now in the army) and Daesung has premiered last night at new cable channel MBN. It’s in the Sat-Sun 9pm KST timeslot. I didn’t know it’s premiering! Publicity fail? Anyway, I hope it gets recapped at Dramabeans because I really REALLY miss Im Joo Hwan. Anyway, under the cut is another poster and the MV to Daesung’s song for the OST, Lunatic. Enjoy!

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You’re My Pet releases MV to Official OST sung by Kim Ha Neul and Jang Geun Seuk


Only You releases Official OST

Only You starring So Ji Sub as a boxer and Han Hyo Joo as the blind woman he falls in love with has already premiered in the Busan International Film Festival and will hit up the actual theaters on October 20. A song off the original soundtrack of the movie was just released and it’s called Flowers Blood by Alex and Horan. You can listen to it below. Enjoy!

Btw, I posted the song used in the trailer HERE so you might want to nomnom that goodness too. 🙂

And here’s a link to AM-A to download both songs (of course you need to be registered, view this as indirect plugging :P), courtesy of my friend Swan. 🙂

Only You with So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo Releases Another Trailer and OST Song

Why do I have to wait for so long for this movie???? WHY???? And I speak no Korean or Chinese and English subtitles come waaaaaaay later. Only You will premiere on October 20.

Here’s the song played in the last part of the first trailer I posted HERE and it’s called Last Love by Kim Bum Soo.

And here’s a poster. Lovely.


Let Us Just Love – A Pink (Protect the Boss Soundtrack)

Can’t help it! The song is so cute and stuck-in-your-head type! I first heard this when I was editing the subtitles for Protect the Boss Episode 2. (Btw, our subs will hopefully come out really really soon. Our Final QCer for Protect the Boss has been busy and when she comes back, she’ll get back to it asap!) And since this song was used as the closing song and it wasn’t timed, I had to time it and I’m the slowest and worst timer there maybe is. It took me so long and I ended up listening and listening to it that it got stuck in my head! And now, I’ve been listening to this song for at least once a day. The video I posted has romanized and English lyrics for us who can’t read hangul that fast and who can’t freakin’ understand a thing. You know you want to listen!

Btw, I haven’t properly watched PTB but from what I saw in Episode 2, it is so damn hilarious. Me likey likey! ❤

I Think I Fell for You – Page (Baby-Faced Beauty Soundtrack)

I was editing subtitles for the 11th episode of Baby-Faced Beauty when I heard this song. So naturally, I have to time and place the lyrics to the song. I already got the English translation but I don’t know which part was playing. So I youtube-d it and found this video. But since my Internet sucks if it’s not in the wee hours of the night/morning, it took such a long time to load. So I ended up listening again and again to what’s loaded. So it got stuck in my head!

This song is all sorts of cute, as well as the lyrics. And the best part? The fanmade video. Gah, BFB is just so cute and underrated. I was so giddy after watching the full fanvid. Jang Nara x Daniel Choi! The video has the romanized and English lyrics embedded so you can sing along and squee along with the lyrics and its meaning. Heehee.

Now, I am so energized to edit Episode 12! Yey!

Dream High Releases OST Part 1

Less than 24 hours into the premiere of Dream High (AND YES, IT’S 2AM AND I’M IN NO WAY SLEEPY), Part 1 of the OST has been released. Part 1 of Dream High’s OST contains two songs sang by the idol cast members. Listen to it here! Excited for Dream High although afraid that my Internet will disappear later. *worried*

Dream High – Wooyoung, Suzy, JOO, Taecyeon

Someday – IU

Enjoy! 😀

It Has To Be You – Super Junior’s Yesung from Cinderella’s Sister OST

Another song from my lullaby playlist. ❤ I love love love Yesung. Again, the songs from the drama were amazing but the drama itself was UGH, A PAIN TO WATCH. Ohwell, listen to Yesung’s AWESOMENESS. ❤ That part of the MV wasn’t even shown in the drama.  DON’T PUT SOMETHING IN A PROMOTIONAL MV WHEN THERE’S NO SUCH SCENES. ARGH.

Superstar – KARA’s Seungyeon from Mary Stayed Out All Night/Marry Me, Mary OST

Omona! The song is too cute and fluffy! I love fluffy! I love cute! Seungyeon is really cute, as well as her voice. Maybe this is with bias because I really really like her. The song is stuck in my head now. You’re my shining star~ ❤ HAHA! I dunno about you but my taste buds are like a 14-year-old’s. 😀 Anyway, just listen to the song because it will surely GET STUCK TO YOUR HEADDDDD. BWAHAHAHAHAHA =)) Cute cute cute~

EDIT: I changed the video because the one I posted was removed from Youtube. Sorry to all the people who were inconvenienced by the broken link! Please just leave a comment if the video doesn’t work again. Not only to this vid but to all videos I posted so I can change them asap. 😀