Really really sleepy. Can’t type anymore. I just posted this for the sake of reviving the Kpop category in my blog and since my sister is an Inspirit and I’m a lil bit of a fan too, here is the MV! Basically, they just look cute and adorable in this. Aaaaaww, Christmas. ❤

Ugly – 2NE1 MV

I haven’t listened to the song. I’m just posting it. Will react when I find time. 🙂 But I bet this song is good since it’s from 2NE1, like duh. 🙂

Bubble Pop – HyunA

Why so sexy, HyunA? I mean, gah. You were once sorta fat and now you’re thin and sexy as hell. It’s sorta awkward for me that she’s tanned because I’m so accustomed to her super fair skin. And this video has over 9.6 million views already after 2 weeks! And the comments section is full of perverted comments. It’s also sorta weird that summer’s over here in the Philippines and summery songs are the thing in Korea.

Anyway, the only regret I have is watching a performance of this after watching Mona Lisa. Because, this is the one stuck in my head right now! Yeah, it’s bubblepop and cutesy and HyunA just mixes the cute and sexy right off the bat. How?! I dunno. Anyway, this song is so cute and it will surely get stuck in your head too. MWAHAHAHA! Join the club!

Mona Lisa – MBLAQ MV

MBLAQ! ❤ This song got some nasty hooks and one part of the song even reminds me of one of Big Bang’s recent song. And HD makes it all the more better! Gah, Mir looks like TOP with the sunglasses and the hair. He’s sure one badass! The thing I noticed first is Thunder’s arms. I mean, he did bulked up his guns, right? I mean, those biceps weren’t there before, right? Lee Joon looks amazing as usual but I guess I’m not yet accustomed to his short hair but gah, isn’t his voice lovely. And oh, oh, Seungho! Yar voice ❤ I just don’t like your hair that much in this MV. It’s like emo perm, I dunno. Haha! And it covers one of your eyes. Tsk. Good thing you have better hair in your performances so, yihee, giddy me. And G.O., what is going on with your hair? I mean, you look ah-mah-zing as usual and you sound SO GOOD but but but what did they do to your hair? Emo bangs then relaxed and straightened it and pinned it to your forehead? At least in their performances, it’s not stuck to his forehead so it moves along with him. Heehee. Overall, I like this song and with a few more listens I just might love it. The first time I heard it, I’m singing along it!

MBLAQ, fighting! I know that Beast said that they think they’re sorta above you now when they were obviously unloved before but you can get there too. I love Beast and MBLAQ! ❤


Forgot to post this. Sarah and I love this song and it’s not healthy! Haha! I actually haven’t watched the MV but my sister and I listened to this song tons of times! Haha!

Hate You – 2NE1 MV

I am sort of updated in Kpop with my sister’s help. When I come home late at night (GRR lab subjects), she bombards me with new MVs, new songs and news. So I love her for doing that since I SERIOUSLY don’t have time for Kpop anymore. Maybe if I tried harder but since I’m swamped up to the waist with all these stuff going on, Kpop on hold. That’s why I never really posted MVs again. Before, I post every single MV I watch but that was when I had Internet and when I was pretty excited about new songs (and Big Bang was coming back so there).

Back to 2NE1’s Hate You, how cute is this animated MV! 2NE1 are not the best singers nor dancers but they seriously have the best hooks and stage presence. I cower in fear and amazement when I see an MV or a performance. They got swag, yo. So, if you want danceable and stuck-in-your-head type of songs, 2NE1 is a go-to. But that’s it, for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love love these girls but loving means seeing and accepting their flaws. So there. 🙂

And I like this song!

Even In My Dreams – G.O (MBLAQ) MV

The audio was released prior to this and I listened to it yesterday. And boy was it awesome and eargasmic. G.O never fails. ❤ I actually spazzed about him on Twitter so yeah. I was waiting for the MV and here it is!

Gah. My first fave from MBLAQ was G.O because of his voice and of his mustache. Haha! Then, Lee Joon came in and stole his thunder but I’ve been back in the G.O camp a long time ago. With every song he sings, I’m loving him more. ❤

Love How It Hurts – Scouting for Girls Music Video

The music video for Love How It Hurts by Scouting for Girls is out! It was posted on May 27 but since I haz no Internet, I didn’t know. Posting it now! Aaaaww for the geeky boy, so cute! And how Daniel Desario in Freaks and Geeks played by James Franco is the bully guy! I love the camera used in this! The colors are so vivid and I approve!

Lyrics were posted before in this POST! 🙂

Bumpy Ride – The Hoosiers MV

OMG fave band + fave song in recent album + MV =  happy me! Seriousleh, the love I have for this song is unhealthy. HAHA! :)) Watch it! The one who jumped off the cliff was Martin. The Hoosiers ❤

Baby Good Night – GD&TOP MV

Will post what I think after I watch it! 😀 But I’m sure this is AWESOME sauce. 😛

OMAYGEEEEHHHHHDDDDDDD. GD’s face was so smooth and clean and clear and perfectly moisturized. I won’t spazz about TOP much because he’s his usual perfect self but GDDDDDDDDDDDD! For once, you’re wearing normal clothes and cute sleepwear at that! And for once, your hair LOOKS SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOD, GAAAAAAAAHHHHH! I mean, normal HOT hairstyle? I think you’ve had normal hairstyles before but they were really rare that this is GOLD. And the suit at the start! Weehoo!

Okay, enough about GD. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. It’s my first time listening to it (I know, BAD FAN, but too busy with school) and I loved it immediately. It’s a hiphop/rap song but it’s soothing. I think that’s DOPE AND COOL AND AMAZING all at the same time (duh, they’re synonyms HAHA). Anyway, the MV as usual is of high quality. The snake part, yeah, the things it imply. HAHA! YG, especially GD&TOP, do A LOT of these symbolisms or visual play, I dunno what it’s called. Whatever. And I think that makes the MV really really good. I mean, where on Earth would you get MVs like that?

My only complaint about this MV is that it sounded so, short? I mean, really. Not just because I’m a fangirl (that’s why I found it short), but it really SOUNDED/LOOKED short. Whatever. Haha!