Promos for Modern Family S04E02 Schooled

Enjoy! Another one below!

Promo for Modern Family S03E24 Baby on Board


Promo for Modern Family S03E22 Disneyland


Promo for Modern Family S03E12 Egg Drop

Oh my. I think this episode is nutcrackingly funny based on the promo. So excited! Haha!

Promo for Modern Family S03E11 Lifetime Supply

Modern Family, I miss youuuu! ❤ Comes back January 4 (5 for me). 😀

Promo for Modern Family S03E08 After the Fire

Actually, this one is a sneak peek but as usual, I want my post titles to be consistent and I don’t wanna decide anymore if I should call it a promo, a preview, a sneak peek, whatever. Enjoy!

My Fall Shows They Are A-Premierin’

So excited! ❤ I need to fill in that black hole gaping in my heart from last fall. Haha!

90210* September 13
The Vampire Diaries  September 15
How I Met Your Mother September 19
Glee and Raising Hope September 20
Modern Family September 21
The Big Bang Theory*, The Office* and Grey’s Anatomy* September 22
Nikita* and Fringe* September 23
Happy Endings September 28
House* October 3
Chuck October 21
Bones* November 3

* = Not yet updated with the previous season.

Phil’s Thermostat Song in Modern Family

Just randomly saw this on Youtube while listening and watching (AGAIN) to Dylan’s In the Moonlight. Seriously, my love for that song does not know any bounds. And this video made me wanna watch Modern Family all over again. It’s such a pick-me-up show full of heart that by the end of the episode, you busted your gut out but you also feel warm and fuzzy inside. (Though I think Raising Hope has more heart?)

The snowflake button makes it cold cold cold. The set tempature makes it hold hold hold… The little flame makes it…

#nowplaying Stacy’s Mom – Fountains of Wayne

Found the song in one of the comments of Dylan’s In the Moonlight video. The comment said that Dylan could totally be singing Stacy’s Mom and replacing Stacy with Haley. So, I checked out the lyrics of Stacy’s Mom and that comment was the truth! It reminded me of Dylan’s thing for Claire. HAHAHAHA! So now, I’m listening to it! And I found the MV and posted it here! The MV is quite what the lyrics are telling. 😛

Click under the cut for the so-fitting-Dylan lyrics! 🙂

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In the Moonlight (Do Me) – Dylan from Modern Family

I’m not actually listening to it now but I realized I haven’t posted this. That is so improbable given the love and amusement I have for this song and for this video. I love Modern Family and I love Dylan! HAHAHA! Mic grinding and Haley’s face and everything and the dirty lyrics HAHAHAHA!

Click under the cut for the funny lyrics!

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