Mizushima Hiro leaves Ken-on Agency to focus on writing

from tokyograph:

Actor Hiro Mizushima (26) has left his management agency Ken-on as of September 20, it has been learned. According to Ken-on, Mizushima left in order to focus on a writing career.

Mizushima has apparently been interested in writing for a long time. He informed his management about his desire to try it out, and after discussing the matter, his departure from the agency was decided.

Mizushima’s wife, singer Ayaka (22), is also signed with Ken-on. Although she is currently on hiatus, the company stated that Mizushima leaving will have no effect on her current contract.

It is not yet clear how this move will impact Mizushima’s acting career.

Source: Sankei Sports

This was posted last Tuesday, September 21. I already read about this but was too busy to post about it. This Thursday, September 23, a follow-up article was posted.

Earlier this week, the entertainment world was surprised by the news of actor Hiro Mizushima (26) leaving his management agency Ken-on in order to pursue writing. On Thursday, some information about the situation was revealed on the Fuji TV program “Tokudane!”

Singer Ayaka (22), who is married to Mizushima, replied to an e-mail sent by the show’s newscaster Tomoaki Ogura (63). Ogura summarized her response by highlighting four major points:

  • Ayaka also left Ken-on at the end of last year.
  • Mizushima will be focusing on writing and creating works, but his activities will also include acting.
  • The company that Mizushima and Ayaka have started is in charge of managing Ayaka’s music.
  • The two plan on continuing their activities independently, without a management agency.

Ayaka’s response contradicts Ken-on’s statement earlier this week, which stated that Ayaka was still signed with the agency and that her contract would not be affected. Ken-on has not yet commented on Ayaka’s statements.

Source: Sports Hochi

Mizushima Hiro is a Keio University graduate. So Keio University is considered one of the most prestigious universities in Japan. That’s how good is Hiro. Keio University has been known to produce cabinet members, CEOs and even a former Japan Prime Minister. According to wikipedia, Keio is ranked 11th in the world’s best universities. That’s how cool it is. So I understand that maybe Hiro feels like he’s not using his potential as a Keio alumni just by acting. Though, I felt bad and sad about the news. Hiro is not exactly the most amazing actor out there, but the world needs ikemen. HAHA! And he can actually write a novel or whatever while acting. A lot of people do that. I dunno why he has to leave acting. Or maybe, he just wants to leave his agency. I hope he’ll still act, though. Even though I’m not a fan of his acting, I’m his fangirl and I’ll miss him if ever. Being married hurt me a wee bit but leaving the industry will hurt more. A lot. So Hiro, gear up and do some dramas, puh-lease.



Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I didn’t forget! Congratulations to me! XDD

So, that’s all! More dramas Hiro! XDD And more photobooks, puh-leaaaase. XP

**I just noticed that the date of this post was April 12. But Hiro’s birthday is on April 13. I guess that’s GMT for you. +8 hours since I’m in the Philippines. Ohwell. (edited on May 14, 2009)

Mizushima Hiro is already married.

I was searching for Mei-chan no Shitsuji icons just some minutes ago. While browsing Google for the search results, I saw something that made me shocked. heroismine@lj posted something and I can’t believe it at first.

Mizushima Hiro (RIHITO-SAMA!) was married to Ayaka (Singer of Okaeri used in Zettai Kareshi which stars Hiro as well) this April 2. Hiro will submit their marriage certificate on April 13, when he turns 25 years old.

You can see the article here. I just used Yahoo! Babel Fish – Text Translation to actually read it. It’s in Japanese.

I was really shocked (I’m at loss for any other words). I was stunned and I can’t believe it at first until I read the actual article. It’s all over the news and yet I didn’t know. Well, at least I came to know it after two days and not after how many months or so.

Well, it’s just that it’s not expected since I haven’t heard of any engagement. I just know that he’s dating Ayaka. I have nothing against Ayaka but I’m somewhat bitter (HAHAHAHAHAHA). I’m still on the Mei-chan hype and then suddenly, not a month or so after Mei-chan, Hiro gets married! Well, at least he finished Mei-chan first before actually getting married. But to think that his popularity is actually on its peak. Ohwell, what’s done is done.

Ayaka’s blood type is O and Hiro’s is AB. They won’t have children with AB and O blood. Genetics taught me that. XD

And according to heroismine, Ayaka is 3 months pregnant. Well, at least Hiro is taking responsibility. BUT I AM STILL SHOCKED. But I’m also happy since Hiro is happy. But I am bitter too. So much for cognitive dissonance aka confusion. Heehee. XD I don’t know where heroismine got that info that Ayaka is pregant, though. I had to search for it. I found it here. With pictures of Ayaka and Hiro with their wedding rings. 🙂

Ohwell, I still love Hiro and his shocked face and his somewhat oilyshiny face. He still has his acting career so I don’t mind. I will be really sad if his career will go down the drain after all the support (??) and after all the waiting and watching for his dramas.

Omedetou Hiro-sama! But I am still shocked and bitter. A brave act, Hiro. 😀


It was wrong. It was only a rumor that Ayaka is pregnant. And they actually got married last February 22, 2009. Ayaka has a disease called Graves’ disease and her symptoms are increasing lately. I read it here. SO HIRO WAS ALREADY MARRIED BEFORE MEI-CHAN. And he did it for Ayaka and not to “take responsibility for the child” rumor. Aaaaaaaw, Hiro. So sweet. I am depressed. Maybe Hiro is very sad since Ayaka is ill. Huhuhuhhuhu. XCC

JDrama Review: Mei-chan no Shitsuji


Mei-chan no Shitsuji was a hella fun watch! At first, I thought it would be some sappy drama and my only reason for watching it is Mizushima Hiro and the other ikemen butlers. But as I wait for the next episode release, the hype of watching each and every episode is getting higher and higher. i was VERY WRONG to think that it will be like other dramas. This drama touches my love-story-sucker heart so much. And the love for the characters even made me wait for each episode and download it immediately. I resolve to only watch TimeLesSub releases since I like their subs. But my friends had already finished it so I can’t stand it anymore. I end up succumbing to streaming sites.

Starting from Episode 1, there was no dull moment in each episode. And as many people say, Episode 10 was the best episode ever. 😡 😡

Character development was really good. And I really like Mameshiba’s character. If everyone would be like him then the world will be a much better place. (WAHUUUT? XD)

I can’t really make a good review for it even though I have an unending praises for this drama. Just watch it and you will not regret. XD

And the OST, ftw! It was really cool. Aitakute aitakute. Hoshi no kazu no yoru no koete. Itsumademo itsumademo. Kimi no kitto boku no hikari.

And I need an SP. I seriously need one. I’ll miss the whole Mei-chan no Shitsuji cast for sure. XC

rihito-sama ftw!

a semi-summary. a semi-review. a semi-filled of screencaps post. 😀 mei-chan episode 5.

more under the cut since this will be slightly image-heavy. 🙂 doing the summary thing while waiting for my upload in photobucket to finish. XD this post contains spoilers and finally, caps of rihito-sama. i won’t hide anything now. :p i guessed i’m not that selfish. :p

this episode is a miruku arc. the story for the episode basically centers around miruku and daimon, which by the way, touched my heart. aaaawww.

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mei-chan pwns!

this is sort of an impression but i’ve already watched the first three episodes so i can’t say this is a first impression.

mei-chan no shitsuji is insanely good!

i downloaded the raw file for episode 1 and 2. i waited for so long for the torrent to finish. but when i started watching it, VLC player won’t display the sofsubs. but when i play it in media player classic, it has subs but the video is inverted. i was so irritated so i didn’t try watching it for some time. i asked my classmate to download episode 3 for me (hardsubs) while my episode 1 and 2 raw weren’t done yet. and when he gave it to me, i watched it. so i watched episode 3 first. hahahahahaha! i guess i still understand the story since i read episode 1 and ep 2 summaries and saw caps. and this week, i managed to make the raw file work (FINALLY!) and i was able to watch the first 2 episodes with the softsubs. it was great! i felt giddy and c;ldsgnpweoihtpewjfpon while watching it. endorphins are running in my veins when aoyama (played by mayama akihiro) is shown. and who am i to forget, the almighty rihito-sama (played by mizushima hiro) and mei-sama (played by eikura nana, who BTW, is really pretty imo). i just go KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~ everytime i see them. woohooo!

and now, i am waiting for the episode 4 to finish downloading but i think it will take a long time for it to finish. i asked my other classmate to download ep5 for me since their internet connection are waaaaaaaaaaay better than mine. and after 2 hours, episode 5 was done. holy omg, i mean i wait for weeks for mine to download and it only takes him 2hours. he asked me what’s the drama is all about and he tried watching it but he stopped. he said they’re freaking creepy. i know right, shinobu-sama (played by my mukai osamu) is really freaky with his white anime hair. but he looks good with it so no problem. yeah! after i realized that i might be watching episode 5 first before episode 4, i am now succumbing to streaming sites with crappy quality. can’t believe i was able to stand them before.

some caps from ep 1 and 2.or ep1 only? can’t remember. and it’s just the start since i don’t want to cap while watching.  my oh-so-few caps for ep3 are in my roommate’s laptop. in the dorm. 😀 Continue reading →