Preview for Rooftop Prince Episode 2

Sorry if it’s late but I just want to post it. Enjoy!

Rooftop Prince Stills Galore


Rooftop Prince is premiering tomorrow, March 21 on SBS, and I can’t contain my excitement! So here are some more stills that accumulated since my last RP post so enjoy! (Jung Seok Won is so hot <3)

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Character Descriptions for Rooftop Prince


Nomnomnom. I wanna watch this drama so badly. Enjoy!

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Another Rooftop Prince Teaser coming our way

I am so stoked for this drama! So. much. Enjoy!

A Few More Stills from Rooftop Prince


I thought the dropping of promotional materials here and there will end soon with the premiere of Rooftop Prince but since it was moved to March 21, expect to see a lot more stills or promos. Anyway, enjoy two more stills under the cut!

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Rooftop Prince drops Another Trailer

Rooftop Prince gives us another trailer for us to munch on instead of our nails as we wait for the most awaited drama this March! Seriously, I am so ready to download this. I guess subs will come at lightning speed since we have a JYJ member in this drama. Haha! Anyway, I bust a gut laughing at the sheer madness of this drama. HAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s especially funny for me because Jung Seok Won has a really serious face so it cracks me up so much. Well, Yoochun and Min Ho too but Jung Seok Won ❤ Thank you to JYJSubs because I think I wouldn’t laugh as hard if I didn’t understand it but it’s still pretty amusing and hilarious I guess. Enjoy!

Btw, Rooftop Prince will now premiere on March 21 after the delay in the airing of the finale of The Moon that Embraces the Sun. TMETS is the ratings winner and it is a good move from SBS to just postpone RP’s premiere since it won’t stand a chance in the ratings department if it airs at the same time as TMETS. So Rooftop Prince, King 2 Hearts and The Equator Man will all start airing on March 21.

More Rooftop Prince Stills


Here are some more stills of Han Ji Min and Yoochun while filming. And behind the cut are some group selcas from the cast. They are so cute! So excited for this drama~

SBS’s Rooftop Prince premieres on the same day as KBS’s The Equator Man (Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Joon Hyuk) and MBC’s King 2 Hearts (Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won) on March 14.

More under the cut!

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Rooftop Prince releases Seven-Minute Preview

Oh my. Can it be March 14 already? I feel really really bad that I am so excited for this that Fashion King, starring my beloved Yoo Ah In, doesn’t really get some attention from me. I was only excited for Fashion King because it’s Yoo Ah In and Lee Je Hoon but I couldn’t care less about the plot. Sigh. But this? This I will definitely watch. One more week and Rooftop Prince is here!

Rooftop Prince drops First Teaser

If this drama is as fun as this teaser, can it be March 14 already? They bowed at the king at the bill! Hahahaha! All of the fish-out-of-water hi-jinks are so fun, I cannot wait! Enjoy! (And yes! With English subs!)

Rooftop Prince releases Posters


My excitement for this drama reaches no bounds! (Well, maybe up to the stratosphere, I guess.) These posters just makes me more pumped up to watch (or read recaps, depends on my schedule) it soon!

Rooftop Prince stars Park Yoochun as the Joseon king who time-travels to the present day to win the heart of his lover-doppelganger played by Han Ji Min. Of course, his posse also time-travels with him and they are played by Jung Seok Won (swordsman), Lee Min Ho (eunuch) and Choi Woo Sik (first vegetarian ever!). Rooftop Prince airs on March 14 on SBS.

Two more posters under the cut!

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