I’ve been busy at school even though hell week’s over. For one, I feel so tired all the time and I end up sleeping early. Or I watch something or do something over the Internet and end up sleeping late. The next day I’m this zombie with panda eye/eyebags and I end up sleeping really early that night. Basically, my Circadian rhythm is pretty “eengk” these days. So a post on what I have been doing or following recently so you know guys that I’m alive besides from my random tweets.

  • BIG BANG COMEBACK! (infinite exclamation marks) If bad fan means I don’t blog about it every second of my day, then I’m a bad fan. But I’m hella following their every show and performance ever since the album dropped! And I’m loving every moment. It’s been two years and 3 months and they had their last stage when I just became a VIP so you can say I saw them leaving and now I am so stoked and happy and ecstatic to see them come back. WEEHOO!
  • I’m still watching the shows I’ve been watching. Hellcats, White Collar, Glee and Moden Family. So yeah, I still watch stuff! I also finished downloading My Princess and finished reading the recaps as well. Just three more episodes and my Dream High download is done. The recaps? Done reading. I’ll watch these two shows soon when I’m on my summer vacation because I can’t afford it right now.
  • My Mom is making me download Secret Garden. I downloaded it before but wasn’t able to finish it when my amusement over it stopped. I’m resuming my download now since all I can hear from my Mom is “hey, download the remaining Secret Garden episodes”.
  • I plan on watching all of the shows I downloaded and all the movies and shows I acquired on summer vacation. My eyes will be glued to the screen in a matter of weeks! So excited! I’ll just keep up with school and I’ll be rewarded. 🙂
  • I’m not taking summer classes unless I fail Math 55 which will not happen. I will not let it happen. Summer class = low grades + burn out. My mind is so not working academically during summer so instead of improving my grades, I end up pulling them to a pit. Tsk. So YAY for a whole summer of watching shows! I’ve got my Korean variety shows and a lot of other stuff. HAHA.
  • I’m not into Kpop right now except for Big Bang. Maybe when CNBLUE comes back on March 21, I’ll have two groups to watch! That’s the announcement! They’re coming back on March 21! A picture has been uploaded~
  • I think I have a lot to say but my thoughts has escaped me. Eotteoke, baby~ (Would have been funny if you sang it when you read this. That’s from Up and Down by SHINee HAHAHAHA)
  • I have a long list of movies to be downloaded because I heard they are awesome but referring to a previous bullet, I’m so preoccupied or more like, my torrent program is so preoccupied with Secret Garden and downloading the shows I watch weekly that I find no time to download said movies in the list.
  • Reading Pretty Little Liars recaps! Will watch it when the season has finished and when Sarah downloads the rest of the season! Cherry’s watching it and telling us updates and I just watch the juicy stuff o’er teh Youtube aka Toby and Spencer linking up and Hanna and Caleb. HOHOHO.
  • I’m on my Andrew Garfield phase right now and that means I’ve followed tons of tumblelogs dedicated to him. Emma Stone is his love interest in Spidey! I love Emma Stone! So happy!
  • My Mom finished watching Baker King Kim Tak Gu, My Princess and now she’s glued to our laptop watching Marry Me, Mary. I am so envious of her. She gets to watch these shows! HUHU. When I get home, school still follows me. HUHU
  • I wanna type and tell you guys about what’s happening in my life but I can’t think of anything to add to these so maybe there’s really not a lot of things going on in my life. HAHA! So I’ll end it here. 😛
  • Oh btw, this week is such a happy week. ❤

Lack of Updates

I’m really sorry for the lack of posts these past three or four days. Some people might not care but I care. I haven’t posted Marry Me, Mary recap/opinioncap for Episode 6, 7 and 8! And nil for Secret Garden past episode 2! Gah! Imma explain. 😛

Friday was the annual College Carolfest Competition. And my organization won! Woohoo! That ended up really late so I can’t actually go home so I slept at Cherry’s place. We have this camp-out for PE the next two days so it’s really convenient for me to stay in her place. 😀 I think I was able to post late, late at night but that’s like a Yoo Ah In Random Post only.

Saturday and Sunday, I was in Zambales so I have no Internet connection whatsoever. I was home Sunday night but I was too tired to do anything and just slept.

Monday. I have a class in the morning and when I reached home by 4pm, I just slept. Until my dad woke me up by 7pm to eat dinner. But my body was too sore and I had almost no sleep last Saturday and every reason out there, I didn’t eat dinner and slept again. I woke up at 9:30pm and I was cussing because I wasn’t able to livestream Marry Me, Mary. Seriously, I want to slap my own face that time. But since it will end soon and I am REALLY REALLY SLEEPY, I just continued my sleep. HAHA! And when I woke up, it was Tuesday morning. And I need to go to school.

Ya see, there’s no way I could have updated my blog. My arms still feel kinda sore but I’m okay. Although I am super bummed out that I wasn’t able to watch M3. I already read the recaps but watching it live, IT IS A NEED. T_T

About Secret Garden. Honestly, I’ve only been reading recaps. I can’t find time to watch Episode 3 and so on. I have the video, the subs, but not time. I think it might take a while before I can post anything about it.

And as for Marry Me, Mary, I am lazy to post recaps/opinioncaps especially after the not being able to watch. But I promise they will come, just not now. And my Christmas break is coming so my professors are like ants when the cold season is approaching. They are rushing, I am telling you! Busy busy me. 😛

Recap: Marry Me, Mary/Mary Stayed Out All Night Episode 5

Sorry. This was long overdue but I was too lazy to write. I used up all of my energy spazzing and squealing while watching episode 5 that I cannot come up with a post. I think I’ve watched the whole episode at least 5 times and the ending scene a lot more than that. Heehee. Anyway, onto my views!


The love triangle! And yeah, I don’t consider Seo Jun a threat. Haha!

Okay, fine, Jung In is really too polite and reactionless and emotionless and stiff as of know but that bit in leaving Mae Ri a memo was CUTE. He is such a busy person but he still took time to decide how to leave her a note to make sure she’ll be able to read it. Then the part where everyone’s confused if he was annoyed or happy wherein he touched his temples as if he has a headache but then he smiled. I think he’s just embarassed that Mae Ri caught him leaving the note. I mean, come on, guys don’t want to show that they actually care. Or how they were actually leaving a note. And how funny that leaving notes is a totally girly thing? But that has no point because this is not Secret Garden. Haha! Back to Jung In. But then he smiled because maybe he’s happy that the message was surely delivered and that Mae Ri will be going with him to work.

After the cut because this post is 3500+ words!

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Behind-the-Scenes Videos of Marry Me, Mary

Good thing KBS knows how to please the fans. What, with the lack of Marry Me, Mary episode 6 this week, they ought to post something as cute as this!

Mae Ri and Mu Gyul’s First Kiss BTS!

How cute are they when they’re embarassed? And both of them covered their face with their hands after the kiss. Omo! Too cute!

Mae Ri’s Father’s Drunk Scenes with his Two Son-in-Laws!

and some Jung In and Mae Ri BTS!

They are so cute together, too! ❤ Jung In makes me indecisive!

Interview plus some NG (Not Good) Scenes aka Bloopers XD


TOO CUTE! Love love love Kim Jae Wook! ❤

Marry Me, Mary Episode 6 Postponed

THEY SHOULD HAVE SAID IT EARLIER. Saying that it will just be delayed. I was really irked that I can’t livestream MMM tonight because my connection is so weird then I read that it was actually cancelled today because of the Asian Games KBS is showing. Oh well. At least I didn’t missed an episode because of my weird Internet connection. But I don’t have my two episodes a week of Mary Stayed Out All Night. I AM CRYING VIRTUAL TEARS RIGHT NOW. I wasn’t able to livestream Episode 5 and I am still downloading Episode 5. AND NO EPISODE 6? HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU

Oh well, I’ll just wait for Secret Garden subs. And watch it. And make opinioncaps (a new term I picked up somewhere). Honestly, Secret Garden is WAY better a drama than MMM, cinematography, directing, writing, everything. I think there’s just a single thing MMM is good at. Making cliffhanger ending of episodes. OMG, every single MMM really ends good that will make you yearn for more while SG endings are kinda blah. Tsk tsk. I also think that MMM is cuter and fluffier and I love cute and fluff. Haha! Although I love Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won and now I’m loving Yoon Sang Hyun so I think SG takes the cake. But MMM’s cuteness really grabs me in. Let’s just say that Secret Garden wets my appetite for AWESOME dramas and MMM tickles the fangirl in me. Heehee. 😀

I’ll post MMM Episode 5 opinioncap/spazz as soon as I’ve watched it! 😀

Please don’t rain on my Mary. :|

My Internet dies when it rains. And it looks like it will rain soon. Please, don’t rain. T_T

I wasn’t able to watch Marry Me, Mary yesterday because of the rain and don’t tell me I won’t be able to watch it again today because it will freaking rain. T_T I am begging the skies, rain later. Let me watch M3.

I read that Marry Me, Mary will be delayed because of some whatever KBS will be showing. Instead of the usual 9:55pm KST, it will be delayed for an hour, therefore at 10:55pm. ANDWAEEEEEEEE! (NOOOOOOO!) My parents will force me to sleep so I might not be able to watch it entirely. This is a conspiracy. Ugh. T_T At least, don’t rain.

HUHU Internet HUHU

In the midst of editing my new blog, I wasn’t able to post this yesterday and my Internet died again. Therefore, I’m just posting this now.

I wasn’t able to livestream Marry Me, Mary yesterday. TT_TT I KNOW, SOB WITH ME. WAIL WITH ME. BAWL WITH ME. My Internet decided to leave me again when the rain came. Ugh! Another reason would be that it’s my parents’ 18th wedding anniversary yesterday and we went out to eat some Chinese food which were AMAZING. I especially liked their Pancit Canton. And it was pretty cheap too! We’ll definitely come back there soon! Not now! I can still taste the Spareribs. I promise I brushed my teeth! HAHA!

And since I wasn’t able to check the soompi forum for Secret Garden since my Internet had a straight line for a heartbeat with an ~eeeeeeeennnnggggg~ sound, I don’t have the subtitles for Episode 3 and 4! Gah! I’m dying to watch those! And I haven’t checked dramabeans so there might be a recap for Episode 4 already. HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU.

Oh well, I need to be happy despite everything. Positive vibes, come on! I MUST BE ABLE TO LIVESTREAM MARY TOMORROW OR I’LL BE BREAKING PLATES. HAHA! =))

I was staring, yeap, staring, at Ga In’s ELLE Girl photoshoot pictures and I’m really happy she didn’t have double eyelid surgery. The whole quirky concept was made quirkier and cuter by her single eyelids. Brown Eyed Girls comeback on January! Anyone excited? Definitely me! <– Totally Random

I just have to tell this. :P

We had this committee (in my organization) bonding yesterday so I got home later than usual. I ate my dinner and read countless recaps and impressions and summaries of Secret Garden and Marry Me, Mary. When I noticed that it’s time for my addiction, livestreaming M3, blahblah I livestreamed it. I was literally screaming and panting and gasping and flailing when I watched that ending scene of episode 4. And now that I understood it more, KYAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH, I am so excited for episode 5!

Anyway, what I really want to say is this: I LOVE YOU GUYS. I really really love you guys who read this blog. Those people searching for Marry Me, Mary and was directed here, searching Ikuta Toma, searching someone, searching something, and were directed here. I really really love you all. And if there’s an actual reader who keeps track of my posts or visits my blog regularly, I LOVE YOU FOREVER. ❤

I noticed that I’ve been gaining a lot of views because of my M3 posts. Now, it just makes me want to post more because I love views! Even non-M3 posts get views now that I’ve been updating my blog more. So now, I will really try to post regularly for everyone and especially, for myself. I hope uni won’t eat me yet so I can be sorta free enough to post even once a day. Weehoo! I’m just afraid that I’ll have no time to stream M3 which will make me depressed. Fingers crossed, I can livestream every episode!

I’ll be posting my reactions to the dramas I’m watching. If I have time, I’ll post per episode like the first two episodes of M3. If not, I’ll just have to talk about two episodes in one post, which is perfectly fine for me, I don’t know with you.

Anyway guys, that’s it. I love you all with as much love I have for my followers in Tumblr. I hope you guys would comment so we can talk! Or email me. I’m such a talkative person so I like talking to people! Or in this case, “talking” in the Internet. 😀

Recap: Mary Stayed Out All Night/Marry Me, Mary Episode 3 and 4

I’m sorry for not blogging about Marry Me, Mary Episode 3 and 4 immediately. After livestreaming, my parents wanted me to sleep because my face is breaking out from not sleeping. Yuz, I have concerned albeit restraining parents. So, onto Marry Me, Mary episodes 3 and 4!

You must know that I livestream every episode and then read softy‘s live recaps. Then, since javabeans and girlfriday are so AWESOME, they have already posted the recap at dramabeans the next day. Then I read ockoala‘s recap for more fun-ness and comments and thoughts and hyperness and to flail and spazz. Weehoo. After livestreaming the said episode, I then refresh every 5 minutes Marry Me, Mary’s soompi thread to find the link for the torrent for the Hanrel version. Some days after, an srt file may be available and I will download it. I won’t rewatch it again YET because I already watched it via livestream so I just watch the CUTE and HAPPY parts to make my heart flutter. ❤ So really, onto episodes 3 and 4!

Episode 3 was full of cliches again, as with this drama and every single episode. I guess since they’re delving into the meta, it will be a running gag with all these piggyback rides, illogical happenings, only-in-dramas circumstances and logic (or the lack thereof) and everything a kdrama does or have. But the chemistry that is Mu Gyul and Mae Ri is absolutely amazing and cute and all sorts awesome that I am addicted to this drama even with its nonsensical plot and conditions.

I love Mae Ri because she’s so honest and frank and forthright. I guess she’s really frustrated with idiots in the dramas she’s watching that she knows what to do in every single situation. Haha! I love that she’s such a drama addict that I can totally see myself in her! Romanticizing everything and speaking in super formal or saeguk language. HAHAHAHAHA =)) It’s like dramas are part of her life which is totally me! <spoiler>Thinking Jung In is gay because he’s so fashionable and DUH, who in their right mind would agree to this shenanigan that is a contract marriage? </spoiler> She even searches the Internet to know Jung In more!

How cute it is that Mu Gyul finds it hard to resist Mae Ri’s aegyo? ❤

I love how Mu Gyul’s bandmates always teases them! WEEHOO!

And then another piggyback! Oh come on. ANOTHER PIGGYBACK? But it’s okay with me because me likes itttt. 😛

Anyway I think I should skip those comments and let’s get down with the most shocking and exciting scene in this episode! The last scene! OMO, I was laughing too hard because OMG, GAY UNDERTONES! And they had to speak in misunderstandable that will further make Mae Ri think that Jung In is gay. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Basically, SPOILER ALERT, Mae Ri catches Mu Gyul in Jung In’s bed while Jung In is wearing a robe. They are talking about something very MISUNDERSTANDABLE. Something like “we’ll make great partners (PARTNERS AT WHAT? LIFE PARTNER? XD) or “you don’t remember what happened last night?” (WHAT LAST NIGHT? DID WE, OH NO, DID WE? HAHAHAHA). Something like that. XD

Sorry if I’m not talking about Seo Jun because I just don’t want to waste time talking about her. HAHAHAHAHA =)) I hated her in episode 4 so ya wait fo that. 😛


(Would someone want a recap? I just don’t think I need to do it because there are so many recappers but this is weird because it’s like I’m only reacting to the drama. I’m not providing any summary but oh well.)

Episode 4!

Thanks Show that Mu Gyul was actually wearing his pants. If he was completely naked, OMG, I dunno what I will think HAPPENED last night that he woke up undressed. XD

Dad spies them and they had to go to a fake date which they ended up enjoying themselves. I SEE THEM AS A COUPLE ALREADY. JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY!

There are some loopholes like running away and leaving those electronics on the street to be taken away by anyone. Huwaaat? But OH WELL. I am very forgiving with someone I love. 😛

Anyway, I was annoyed with Mae Ri’s Dad and Jung In’s Dad ever since. GAH, one’s a troublemaker and the others obsessed with Mae Ri’s mom. Which is kinda freaky because MAE RI’S MOM WAS PLAYED BY MOON GEUN YOUNG HERSELF. TSSSSSSSS.

Jung In’s dad changes the terms of the condition and that Jung In and Mae Ri must definitely marry at the end or the contract’s off. GRRRRRRRRRRR. As ockoala guessed, I think his stomach cancer will come back and will be used to blackmail Mae Ri to choose Jung In at the end of the 100 days.

Cute stuff: the date, the mittens/gloves part, Mu Gyul laughing at Mae Ri’s fabricated love story of theirs/Mu Gyul being irritated that Mae Ri is not the one who texted or called, measuring Mu Gyul’s hand screams SKINSHIIIIIIIIIIP, Jung In’s dad and Mae Ri playing with Go pieces and flicking them AND THAT LAST PART OMONA I WAS GASPING AND FLAILING AND HYPERVENTILATING

But before that, I love that Mu Gyul is such a poor boy that acts more of the parent than his mom. He’s been turned down and left by her mother a lot of times that it doesn’t affect him anymore. I really pity him. T_T

THEN IT IS REVEALED THAT MAE RI AND JUNG IN HAVE A PAST. There’s a picture of them: an 8-year old Jung In giving 4-year old Mae Ri a piggyback ride. OMONA. With the picture comes an inscription that I AM HERE. I WILL PROTECT YOU. FOREVER. Just the cheesiest thing ever but so cute and sweet!
Jung In tells he can’t remember a thing when Mae Ri asked him. Blahblahblah MAE RI TRIPS AND JUNG IN GIVES HER A PIGGYBACK RIDE. AGAIN. A PIGGYBACK RIDE. At least it’s not from Mu Gyul so it’s new. Heehee :)) Kim Jae Wook, SARANGHAEEEEEEE~

Jung In brings her inside the house which makes the Dads happy and puts her on the bed. He ices her foot and reaches for a pillow which she mistakes for him reaching out for a kiss and hides under the covers. ANOTHER DRAMA ILLUSION, GIRL. =)) He puts her feet up and moves closer. Mae Ri gets her phone and plans to call Mu Gyul (DEFENSE MECHANISM) but Jung In gets her phone and tells her SHE CANNOT CALL MU GYUL ANYMORE BECAUSE HE’S HIS RIVAL. OMONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

He gently strokes her scar and says the inscription, which is in Japanese: I WILL PROTECT YOU and kisses her scar. OMONA HARRY POTTER KISSS. OMONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I just died after livestreaming. AND NO FREAKING PREVIEW. I HATE IT. Monday, please come soon!

I even pinched my sister because I cannot contain my HAPPINESS, MY CHURNING INSIDES, MY HEART FLUTTERING EVERYTHING.

Unfortunately, the ending scene video was already taken out. T_T

I said before that how can I ship for Jung In when Mu Gyul and Mae Ri are so perfect for each other. Now, I AM NOT REALLY SURE! OMAYGEHD.


(I would have to make a piggyback ride tally for my next post. Heehee. :P)

Recap: Mary Stayed Out All Night/Marry Me, Mary Episode 2

I forgot to post about this after livestreaming (AGAIN) Marry Me, Mary. Now that I’ve read countless recaps (I MEAN IT! COUNTLESS!), I’ve understood the episode. I actually understood it while watching it online since the drama is so full of kdrama cliches that you just know what’s actually happening. But even with that, I’m hooked to the GeunGeun couple! I am actually watching this just to see their oozing and very natural and very believable chemistry. They are so cute! Now, to my favorite scenes!

Who could resist piggyback scenes? Aaaaww. My heart is floating in the air. ❤

A compilation of their MungMung-ing and Yeow-ing scenes. (The sounds made by a Korean dog and cat, respectively.) SO CUUUUUUUUUTE!

Just to hear Mae Ri call Mu Gyul sweetheart. ❤ And she’s so smart! I love Mae Ri!

We finally get to see a little bit more of Kim Jae Wook here. But how can you root for the perfect second lead, especially if you’re suffering from Second Male Lead Syndrome, when the OTP is too strong and cute to break? Haha! Sorry Jung In but I’m onboard the Mae Ri-Mu Gyul ship. But you’re so good to look at! Yummy. 😛

That’s all! I want more M3/MMM! I read the written preview for the next episode and things are getting more interesting! 😀