Do not kill me…

..for not greeting Heechul on his birthday. I greeted him on twitter. But I wasn’t able to celebrate it with all the quizzes yesterday and with all the rain. Aaaack, I got home at freaking 11:30PM. I slept asap. xcc

Really sorry for not posting birthday posts. I simply can’t as a university student. After I adjust with this life, I think I can be a more good fan. XDD But I am still updated, it’s just that I don’t have the time to do posts. Ohwell.

Belated Happy Birthday Heechul! XD

And for that super late Eeteuk birthday post, I’ll still post it but it won’t be a birthday post then. It’ll just be a pimp post. And maybe I can’t do any post for Taemin on his birthday too so I’ll just greet him on twitter and here. And maybe we’ll celebrate it since me and my friend are fans. :))) I promise to post Taemin and Heechul-centered posts soooooon when I have time. So…

Super Belated Happy Birthday Eeteuk! 😀

I hate uni for not giving me a life. Hmph.

Subbed! Living Show (6/10) LT,KI,RW,EH

I promised this blog that I’ll treat it well from now on. So here.

A clip with Leeteuk, Kang In, Ryeowook and Eunhyuk from Super Junior. XD With subs! I know you want to watch it now!

Lucky girl, to see 4 members of SuJu and even hugging my Hyukkie! Really envious. But look at her mother, she seem so excited too. XDXD And during the pinky promise, her mother joined too and look at the thumbs. It was Hyukkie’s. Aaaaaw. Really envious here. Wahahaha. :)))

Thanks to sjsubs09@yt for subbing. XD