KDrama Review: Last Minute Romance + A Person You Could Know [Someone You Might Know]


With no deliberate planning on my part, I was able to watch two web dramas last week! Coincidentally, they are both from JTBC and star actresses that were former idols. Surprisingly, they are both so good too! A lot of web dramas I’ve seen are okay but that’s because I lower my standards for web dramas. Due to the short runtime, I don’t expect full characters or very moving plots, but lo and behold, I’ve seen TWO just this week that exceeded those middling expectations. I’m very happy and smug and content about my life choices last week. Heh. Go under the cut to read more on my thoughts on Last Minute Romance and A Person You Could Know!

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Tell Me Why I Have to See This on Valentine’s Day of All Days

The music video was released a week ago but I just really have to see this on Valentine’s Day, eh? My mood needs to turn sour on Valentine’s Day, is that it? Here is the music video of Jung Jae In’s No One Else But You with Lee Won Geun playing as her love interest in the MV. I just have to see Lee Won Geun, my most recent crush, lock lips and do couple and lovey-dovey things on Valentine’s Day, huh? I was pretty happy today because I finally downloaded this album I was searching for but I guess I’m never meant to be happy (#dark haha exaggeration) and I have to see Lee Won Geun kissing someone. Huhuhu I know, I need to be a mature fangirl but why now? And why him? I am still too attached to him. Oh well, he still looks mighty fine and handsome but HUHUHUHUHU. Why don’t you just rip my heart out, will you? I actually don’t have the will to watch the video because I’m just going to end up hurt. Ha! Sadface.

The Pretty Boys of The Moon that Embraces the Sun for High Cut Korea Vol. 70

They’re really taking the “flower boy” term literally, aren’t they? I’m only posting this because Lee Won Geun is here (my heart is dancing) but it’s so sad that he doesn’t have a solo shot. Actually, that was the reason I postponed posting this even if I saw it way before. It was because I want to wait for his photos but they never came so I decided I gotta post this now. Sigh. Anyway, more under the cut!

(From left to right: Siwan, Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Won Geun ❤ and Lee Min Ho who really needs to change his name.)

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Lee Won Geun Random Post #2

Is it obvious that he’s my it boy as of recent times? Heehee. Enjoy three more photos under the cut!

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Lee Won Geun Random Post #1

Is he really forealz? Sigh, the prettiness. I don’t wanna put the photos under the cut because he needs to be seen! But I don’t wanna kill anyone’s computer so yeah. More under the cut! ❤

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New Crush Alert: Lee Won Geun

Is he for real? He looks like he’s from an anime or a manga! Gaaaahhhh, my weakness = guys who look like they can be vampires and a bonus if they look like guys in anime. I mean, he reminds me of CN BLUE’s Jonghyun and I had a huge crush on Jonghyun. He is so pretty. I don’t watch The Moon that Embraces the Sun but he acted as Song Jae Rim’s character’s child version. Aaaaww, that’s another guy who’s so pretty. Good casting call, I say. Lee Won Geun is still a newbie (he has no DramaWiki nor AsianMediaWiki page yet, sigh) but he’s been attracting the attention of several news portals and I am posting the pictures included in their interviews with him. PICSPAAAAAM! Enjoy!

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