KDrama Review: Let’s Eat


Today, I will be reviewing Let’s Eat, which I found so delightful. I got so obsessed with Let’s Eat that I finished this show in a week, despite being super busy with work. I’ve been sleeping less just so I can watch JUST. ONE. MORE. EPISODE. And now that time has passed since I finished it, I find that the more that I think about it, the more I love it? I wanna relieve it and rewatch it and when I go back to Seoul, I wanna visit the places they ate at. Now, I’m gonna profess my love for this show so I might get all fangirl-y in here. You’ve been warned!

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Color of Woman’s Yoon Joon Soo played by Jae Hee = LOVE!

Here goes my first impressions after watching the first two episodes: I love his character! He’s so smooth and suave and intellectual and bicker-y and banter-y. Plus, Jae Hee’s playing him so well. I recommend Color of Woman! Just finished episode 2 a while ago. Granted, I skipped a lot of parts since I’m waiting for softsubs before downloading the file. I just watched Jae Hee’s parts, hihihi. I’d like to do some recaps but since I always say that but I haven’t done most of them, I won’t promise. It will come when it comes. Plus, subs are more than a week delayed so yeah, if I do recap this, it will be a week late. Anyway, I recommend Color of Woman! It has such a breezy tone that I love plus Jae Hee and Shim Ji Ho are such cuties! Let’s not forget the women which I like too! Go go go stream it at ViKi with English subs! 🙂

Stills from Color of Woman starring Jae Hee and Yoon So Yi

I’m glad Jae Hee’s finally having his drama comeback after delay after delay. But I am not happy that it’s a cable drama! Fansubbing groups are so swamped and I think cable dramas have a MUCH lower chance of getting subbed. Eotteoke? I need to watch my Jae Hee. Jae Hee takes the top spot in my heart in the Korean actor category. I hope it gets recapped at Dramabeans but more than that, I hope it gets subbed! Please please please. Anyway, enjoy these stills! Color of Woman premieres today at new cable network, Channel A.

Updated with two more under the cut!

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Color of Woman releases Ten-Minute Trailer and Posters

Channel A’s Color of Woman stars Jae Hee, Yoon So Yi, Lee Soo Kyung and Shim Ji Ho and it premieres on December 5. Two posters under the cut!

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