Premiere Watch: This Life is Our First [Because This is My First Life]


Since Falsify ended, I haven’t had a Monday-Tuesday kdrama yet. I know, I’ve seen Lingerie Girls’ Generation in the interim but I made the grave mistake of not following it week per week and just binged it the weekend before finale week. So I couldn’t say that I’ve followed that drama. But that’s gonna change right here because whatever happens, whether it’s good or bad or middling, I’m gonna livewatch (and even livestream) This Life is Our First [Because This is My First Life]. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been sharing its promotional materials and I even made a Youtube playlist of everything tvN releases about it. I AM SO READY FOR THIS SHOW. (Spoiler alert: I’m hooked!) [Also, this post has been long overdue. It was supposed to be up two weeks ago but I got so busy with my SoKor trip cramming for the itinerary that I wasn’t able to blog anymore. Gah. Sorry for being me. Hahaha!]

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Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min for Marie Claire Korea October 2017

With an upcoming drama this October 9 in This Life is Our First (Alternative Title: Because This is My First Life), Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min are doing the publicity rounds and one of this is posing for Marie Claire Korea for their October 2017 issue! Lots of photos under the cut! (LOVE THESE TWO)

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This Life is Our First [Because This is My First Life] releases posters!!


WHAT A CUTE AND LOVELY POSTER AND WITH TWO OF MY FAVORITES TOO! If you’re following me on Twitter, you might have seen me sharing every bit of promo material that comes my way when it comes to this drama. LEE MIN-KI IS COMING BACK TO KDRAMALAND AFTER YEARS AND I HAVE TEARS IN MY EYES BECAUSE THESE POSTERS ARE ADORABLE. Two more posters and drama info under the cut! Continue reading →

More Photos of Lee Min Ki for Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan is spoiling us because they have tons of stars featured in their March issue with tons of spreads too. Enjoy these photos of Lee Min Ki because I sure did! More under the cut!

P.S. I posted some photos from the same photoshoot before here.

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Lee Min Ki for Cosmopolitan

Happiness. Lee Min Ki ❤ More happiness under the cut!

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Lee Min Ki Random Post #1

I think he even looks better in real life, in natural lighting. Sigh, Lee Min Ki. ❤

More UNIONBAY Photos of Lee Min Ki and KARA’s Han Seung Yeon and Kang Ji Young

I posted previously released photos here. And like I said before, I reiterate that I think Lee Min Ki and Seungyeon should date. I mean, they have chemistry! Jiyoung is so young and it sorta shows with that partner pic she has with Min Ki that it’s sorta awkward or something. I dunno. I mean, it looks like he’s a brother. But for Seungyeon, he’s only 3 years older and that means nothing! Sigh, I guess this is just wishful thinking but I really do hope. Haha! Anyway, enjoy more photos under the cut!

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Lee Min Ki with KARA’s Han Seung Yeon and Kang Ji Young for UNIONBAY

Is it just me or Lee Min Ki and Seungyeon actually look adorable together? They look good together, I am actually rooting for them to date! They’re just so cute in matching couple shirts, holding hands, smiling. And they look really happy. Sigh, my new OTP? Haha! Anyway, more cute and adorbs photos under the cut!

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Lee Min Ki for The Class SS 2012 Campaign

LEE MIN KI! ❤ More geek-ish, preppy, spiffy and all different looks under the cut! I am in Swoonville. Heehee. ❤

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Ten-Minute Preview for Shut Up: Flower Boy Band

Actually it’s more like nine and a half minutes but I like to round off. Haha! Shut Up: Flower Boy Band premieres tomorrow, January 30, on tvN. Enjoy!