Checking in on: Father is Strange Episodes 1-10

That scene was from the third episode where I ended up howling with laughter, as well as my mom, who only went to my room to escape the Wimbledon Men’s Finals (she was getting anxious) but ended up watching a bit of Father is Strange with me. After seeing this scene, she left the room because she didn’t want to be spoiled because she knew she’ll definitely watch this show. What better way to sell Father is Strange than Lee Joon’s chest, right? Hahaha!

After reading raves after raves of Father is Strange on Dramabeans and learning that the recent episodes were such hits in Korea that they’ve been reaching 30%+ in ratings, I knew I really had to start binging this one. As of writing this post, I’ve seen only up until Episode 10, which I’ve practically binged last weekend. I intend on binging this drama on weekends only, not only to keep up with the ~weekend feel~ but because I also love watching it on our TV’s big screen (well, not really big but at least it’s bigger than my laptop) while lounging in bed. So hopefully next week I’ll have a post for you about the episodes I’ll get into.

Anyway, I planned on writing an episode-by-episode mini-recap but with such a big and connected ensemble cast, I found it hard to start writing them. I don’t even know where to start! Everyone is really connected. So I’ll just write about the characters and comment on them and along the way, their background story will be told. Spoilers will be casually thrown in so proceed at your own risk! (But this is a weekend family drama, who are you kidding, nothing is shocking. Spoilers are no big deals.) Continue reading →


MBLAQ’s Recent “Mona Lisa” Performances aka A Reason to Spazz

I think you’d be surprised when I say that “Mona Lisa” is one of my favorite songs released this year. Maybe because I don’t actually talk much about Kpop in my blog anymore but I simply LOVE this song! I’ve been listening to it repeatedly ever since it was released and I know it’s a good song because even after some time, I still listen to it. But it’s just now that I’ve watched a performance. I know, bad fan. I counter that I don’t really follow Kpop anymore. Btw, the performance above is from the Seoul-Tokyo Music Festival.

So I just saw this in my blog feed and I said, why not? So off I went and I loaded the video. I LOVE THE INTRO! They just dance SO GOOD and it’s proof that they’re just given somewhat lame dances in the past so they weren’t able to show everyone what they actually got. AAAAAAAAAAHHHH, COHERENCY COME TO ME. Anyway, so this, focus. *keeps thinking about the hip thrusts and everything* JUST WATCH IT GUYS PLEASE AND SPAZZ WITH ME HAHA! Anyway, I was once again surprised by Thunder. If he keeps doing this, I’d have to have ties in my ranks for the MBLAQ members. Haha! I love them all but my least fave has always been Thunder but HE IS JUST SO CHARMING AND CUTE AND DARE I SAY IT, I found him hot and oozing with charisma in the performance above. Just watch it, ‘kay? It’s just the hair, it does me in. I keep remembering THIS and I keep falling for him while watching these performances. Lee Joon has so little parts in Mona Lisa but I think it’s just fair for now because it’s really time for Seungho to shine. He is just AWESOME! Voice, dance moves, gah! I love Lee Joon, I really really do, but I love Seungho too so let’s give him the love he deserves! I need not talk about G.O. because I think it’s so darn obvious how much I adore and love this guy and his talent (just check out the posts dedicated to him in this blog along with Joon). Sigh, his voice. ❤ And last BUT NOT THE LEAST, Mir! Gah, how can he be so hot! More proof on how hot he is can be seen in this parody below of Wonder Girl’s Be My Baby by the Wonder Boys (Mir, INFINITE’s Sungjong, SJ’s Shindong, ZE:A’s Kwanghee and gagman Hyun Moo). He’s so cute and hot AT THE SAME TIME while dancing a girly song and it does not compute at all. HOW CAN HE DO THAT? How can a 17, oops he’s 20 now (GAH, I AM STUCK AT HIS DEBUT AGE), be this hot and cute and just plain awesome? Mir is one of the rappers I wubwub in Kpop, really (among them are Big Bang’s GD and TOP and BEAST’s Junhyung). Anyway, just watch it.

More on the Be My Baby parody. Sungjong is so cute and pretty and LIFE IS UNFAIR. Sigh. Kwanghee’s really building his variety skills, huh? And why is Hyun Moo dancing? I remember 1N2D and his dancing fail. Haha! He’s definitely the odd man out here because he’s a beat late at times but he’s just so cute and his struggle and effort is endearing! Anyway, enough of that and let’s go back to MBLAQ’s Mona Lisa performances, shall we?

I know they are freakin’ tired in this one and they’re less energetic than usual. Poor Thunder! His eyebags, HUHUHU. Did you see that? Where I went completely gaga on Thunder in one single post? Haha! Aside from the spectacular performance as usual and Seungho’s double spin at 3:00, the thing I love about this video is that the cameraman keeps on focusing and showing G.O.’s ahjumma fans! HAHAHAHA! Apparently, he got tons of ahjumma fans with his stint in Immortal Song 2. They’re even singing along, they have placards and all. OMG, these ahjummas are plain AWESOME. Well, can’t blame them because G.O. has such a killer voice and MBLAQ is so funny and talented and all. ❤ And and and, Mir’s super cute smile at 2:20. I just sighed at the beauty and the cuteness. But he’s freakin’ hot also. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Waaaahhh, why did he smile? Did he made a mistake or he just wanted to smile and wave at the fans? Uwaaaaa, so cute. <3333 Btw, this is from the KPOP World Festival.

MIR IS SO HOOOOOTTTT! Okay, forgive me because I haven’t spazzed in my own blog about Kpop for so long. They are so out of breath by the end of the performance and in the interview. Btw, this is from the KOICA concert. And I forgot to say that I always laugh when Lee Joon’s focused for the bobbing heads part. Haha! Lee Joon ❤ Basically, I heart ’em all! You know, it doesn’t help that I love love love Thunder’s part (HONESTLY I LOVE THE WHOLE SONG SO SO MUCH) so I think it clouds my judgment because he just NAILS IT (and because it fits his voice)! G.O., how can you sing so greatly? This is insane! My fandom is insane! Haha!

Anyway, I think that’s all for now. I just need to spazz and let this out! ❤

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Seungho and Thunder for High Cut

I love the post-processing in these pictures. And let’s be honest. I love the MBLAQ boys so whatever they do, I’ll probably eat it up like a ravaging fangirl. Haha! And am I that shallow when I say that I suddenly heart Thunder because he’s blonde? What, it looks good on him! More pictures under the cut! ❤

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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and G.O Models Armani Exchange watches for GQ Korea

Meant to post this before but completely forgot about it because I was so sleepy that night. 😛



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Lee Joon’s pants rip on Star Golden Bell!

I’m sorry Joon and I know this is so embarassing but I can’t stop laughing when I watched this. I replayed it around 10 times and with every single replay, I still laugh. Joon, you are so precious. ❤ Just watch it!


Happy 22nd Birthday Lee Joon oppa~

Okay *spazzes* There was a time in my life that I was so addicted to Joon. That would be my Joon phase. Haha! :)) I really love this guy and he’s funny yet sweet. Like he cried when he was pranked. He’s so precious <333

Happy Birthday Lee Joon oppa~ May your body be better if it can get any better HAHA! :)) Saranghae~