Premiere Watch: While You Were Sleeping


THIS IS SO NOT PART OF MY PLAN! I wasn’t supposed to watch While You Were Sleeping. For one, I am not a big fan of Lee Jong-seok. Don’t brick me, I think he’s a good actor but I’m not following each and every project he makes. Second, Suzy. We all know she isn’t a talented actress so I don’t exactly look forward to her dramas. And lastly, I gave it a chance and checked out the teasers and the trailer but I wasn’t enticed by them. So I was set to pass on this one. But here I am, telling you my thoughts on While You Were Sleeping‘s premiere week. Life is indeed full of surprises.

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KDrama Review: W-Two Worlds

I finished this drama in only four days and given the limitations of my watching schedule, that was quick. In fact, I didn’t go to work last Wednesday just so I can finally binge it until the end. (What can I say, I excel in truancy!)  W-Two Worlds was exhilarating, but confusing. And I knew I was being manipulated (FEEL THIS! FEEL THAT! BE SHOCKED! ANOTHER TWIST/PROBLEM JUST SO I CAN THROW YOU IN FOR A LOOP!) but I was complicit in the manipulation. I knew it had faults but I was too into knowing what will happen next that I didn’t mind the things (everything!) being glossed over. And here I am trying to make sense of what I really feel about it. Do I like it? Do I hate that it pulled a bag of tricks on me and then left me hanging? (I won’t be careful about spoilers so read at your own risk!) Continue reading →

Lee Jong Seok and f(x)’s Krystal for High Cut Korea Vol. 75


Aaaaaaaawwww, I love these two in High Kick 3! Well, I actually hated Krystal but she redeemed herself in the end but Jong Seok was my fave character in there! They’re so cute here, looking like they’re sporting it out FASHIONABLY. Heehee. More under the cut!

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Lee Jong Seok is “A Poetic Dreamer” for 1st Look

The outfits are loltastic but it’s Lee Jong Seok so yeyeyeyey! More under the cut!

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Lee Jong Seok for InStyle

So bipolar. Haha!