SHINee’s Key and Taemin for ELLE Girl March 2011

Marine theme! I love SHINee and I love nautical-themed clothes so there is zero possibility that this photoshoot will go wrong. 😛



More photos under the cut! You know you want to click ittttt! ❤

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KeySica Barbie Girl

Omo, I read about this in SFI and I knew not watching this would be a crime to the Almighty Key. Or well, listening to it. So here it is. HAHAHAHAHA. WAIT. Incoherent mode.

Okay, so if you’ll read the comments in yt, HAHA, they say that they can’t picture Key as Ken and they can picture him as Barbie. HAHAHAHA. But with Jessica’s blond hair, I guess this looks good. HAHAHA. Very appropriate. Omo, Key’s English is to die for. Well, not really because I can’t watch more of his almightiness if that happens. HAHA.

Okay, so Key’s voice here is really masculine and even though the song is kinda cracktastic, I mean, to perform, he’s so good. Heehee. My almighty Key! ❤ Saranghae~ I wanna watch the performance though. Audio is not enough! And btw, this is from SNSD’s first Asian concert tour. Yeah. 😀 I’ll keep you posted if the vid comes out. XDDD

EDIT: A fancam is out! Yey. Here it is.

I would totally dig it if Key is like not wearing those Jeremy Scott sweats. If he’s like wearing some Ken stuff. Yeah. HAHA. :)) But then, Key is afraid or scared of Jessica, the Ice Princess so I wonder how they practiced this. Well, Key could have watched a vid of Jessica’s practice clip and he knows what to do already. 😀 HAHAHAHA. 🙂 He’s really the Almighty Key. ❤

Happy Birthday Key!

Happy 18th Birthday to my Key! HAHA! My?? :))))) I’ll just edit this soon since I have lots of stuff to do. 😀