JDrama Review: Ito-kun A to E [The Many Faces of Ito]

In my neverending quest to watch everything Okada Masaki is in ever, I’ve come across the jdrama Ito-kun A to E. I was intrigued by it because he’s in the film of the same name scheduled to premiere in 2018. When I discovered the existence of said drama, it hasn’t aired yet and so I filed it in my mental list of Okada Masaki dramas to watch.

Then early last week, while I was casually checking Netflix for their newly added shows, I saw The Many Faces of Ito. I thought it sounded familiar and as I was always desperate for good jdramas to watch, I checked it out and lo and behold, it’s Ito-kun A to E! So I immediately queued up the first episode. And finished the entire drama in less than a 24-hour period despite a hectic work day, forgoing sleep because who needs sleep? Detailed thoughts on this wonderful drama below the cut!

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Otomen – First Impression

I just tried it since 30 minutes worth of drama isn’t too much for my schedule to explode. :)) And seeing Masaki Okada after a long time won’t hurt. :)) I really missed watching jdramas since it’s kpop for a long time.

Well, the drama didn’t disappoint me. It’s really light-hearted and this is what I miss about Jdrama ahem ahem Korean dramas like Snow Queen ahem ahem. XP

I made this draft long ago and I watched the first ep looooooong ago so I think I’ll just finish this post rather than delete it since it’s so late. :))

Just watch it because it’s really cute! It makes you feel giddy and happy and all. 😀 And squealing because of Okada Masaki. HAHAHAHA. :))

Rushing this post because I still have a ton of requirements to do. =)) Ja!