Premiere Watch: This Life is Our First [Because This is My First Life]


Since Falsify ended, I haven’t had a Monday-Tuesday kdrama yet. I know, I’ve seen Lingerie Girls’ Generation in the interim but I made the grave mistake of not following it week per week and just binged it the weekend before finale week. So I couldn’t say that I’ve followed that drama. But that’s gonna change right here because whatever happens, whether it’s good or bad or middling, I’m gonna livewatch (and even livestream) This Life is Our First [Because This is My First Life]. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been sharing its promotional materials and I even made a Youtube playlist of everything tvN releases about it. I AM SO READY FOR THIS SHOW. (Spoiler alert: I’m hooked!) [Also, this post has been long overdue. It was supposed to be up two weeks ago but I got so busy with my SoKor trip cramming for the itinerary that I wasn’t able to blog anymore. Gah. Sorry for being me. Hahaha!]

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Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min for Marie Claire Korea October 2017

With an upcoming drama this October 9 in This Life is Our First (Alternative Title: Because This is My First Life), Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min are doing the publicity rounds and one of this is posing for Marie Claire Korea for their October 2017 issue! Lots of photos under the cut! (LOVE THESE TWO)

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This Life is Our First [Because This is My First Life] releases posters!!


WHAT A CUTE AND LOVELY POSTER AND WITH TWO OF MY FAVORITES TOO! If you’re following me on Twitter, you might have seen me sharing every bit of promo material that comes my way when it comes to this drama. LEE MIN-KI IS COMING BACK TO KDRAMALAND AFTER YEARS AND I HAVE TEARS IN MY EYES BECAUSE THESE POSTERS ARE ADORABLE. Two more posters and drama info under the cut! Continue reading →

Checking in on: Father is Strange Episodes 1-10

That scene was from the third episode where I ended up howling with laughter, as well as my mom, who only went to my room to escape the Wimbledon Men’s Finals (she was getting anxious) but ended up watching a bit of Father is Strange with me. After seeing this scene, she left the room because she didn’t want to be spoiled because she knew she’ll definitely watch this show. What better way to sell Father is Strange than Lee Joon’s chest, right? Hahaha!

After reading raves after raves of Father is Strange on Dramabeans and learning that the recent episodes were such hits in Korea that they’ve been reaching 30%+ in ratings, I knew I really had to start binging this one. As of writing this post, I’ve seen only up until Episode 10, which I’ve practically binged last weekend. I intend on binging this drama on weekends only, not only to keep up with the ~weekend feel~ but because I also love watching it on our TV’s big screen (well, not really big but at least it’s bigger than my laptop) while lounging in bed. So hopefully next week I’ll have a post for you about the episodes I’ll get into.

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More Stills from Standby


Oh lookie here, hottie anchor superstar was once the geek outcast in school. Ha Suk Jin is so cute! And hot! Anyway, Standby premieres tomorrow, April 9, 7:45 pm KST. Lots of stills await under the cut! (Would it make you click if I said there are stills of Lee Ki Woo? Heehee.)

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Standby releases Highlight Video slash Two-Minute Preview


Behind-the-Scene Photos of Standby


Here are some set photos from MBC’s upcoming sitcom, Standby. I also included the script reading photos and those can be found under the cut. Standy will start airing on April 9. Enjoy!
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Standby releases Tons of Stills


Hottie Alert! Anyway, enjoy these stills and gear up for the upcoming premiere of Standby on April 9 on MBC. I hope it gets recapped! *fingers crossed*

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MBC’s sitcom Standby releases Posters


Standby premieres on April 9. Lee Ki Woo! Sorry if I’m incoherent, as is usually the case. Haha!


credits to couchkimchi

MBC’s sitcom Standby releases Teaser

Standby stars Ryu Jin as an aspiring anchor in a news station who’s in the biz for so long but newcomers just pass him by. I am so excited for this because Ryu Jin has always been the serious guy in what I’ve seen him in so this is a refreshing change. Lee Ki Woo stars as his mischievous brother, who gets entangled with Jung So Min’s country bumpkin character, who gets entangled with high school boy, Im Si Wan. Ha Suk Jin also plays the star of the news station, which more or less aggravates Ryu Jin since he’s way younger than him and way green in the industry.

Standby premieres on April 9, with the premiere date moved a week later to give way to High Kick 3 specials this week.