Three-Way Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday to Ant-Waist Goo Hara!

Happy Birthday to triple/infinite-treat (actor, singer, MC, everything) Lee Seung Gi! You are so Woong-tastic!

Happy Birthday to my I-knew-I-loved-you-before-I-met-you slash I-loved-you-before-I-knew-that-it-was-you, Julian Morris! We’re so meant to be. Watched him before in Cry Wolf only to be reunited with him on Pretty Little Liars. Sadly, I don’t watch horror films so I wasn’t able to catch him in Sorority Row. Pictures!



Sorry if there are no photos for Seung Gi and Hara. I love Seung Gi but for this one, Julian Morris takes the cake. And I am lazy to find Seung Gi pics. 😛

OMG I am so giddy and enveloped with Julian-Morris-induced high-ness. =)) I’m so sprung! ❤


Must be moving for full effect. 😛 And yes, you already have my heart, Julian Morris/Wren. ❤ How I wish he’s dedicating those placards to me. HAHA! Wishful thinking! :))

(I’m reviving my birthday posts! I haven’t done one in a long time and I feel really bad. HUHU. Since I wasn’t using a planner last year, birthdays came and went without me knowing or remembering. )