More UNIONBAY Photos of Lee Min Ki and KARA’s Han Seung Yeon and Kang Ji Young

I posted previously released photos here. And like I said before, I reiterate that I think Lee Min Ki and Seungyeon should date. I mean, they have chemistry! Jiyoung is so young and it sorta shows with that partner pic she has with Min Ki that it’s sorta awkward or something. I dunno. I mean, it looks like he’s a brother. But for Seungyeon, he’s only 3 years older and that means nothing! Sigh, I guess this is just wishful thinking but I really do hope. Haha! Anyway, enjoy more photos under the cut!

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Lee Min Ki with KARA’s Han Seung Yeon and Kang Ji Young for UNIONBAY

Is it just me or Lee Min Ki and Seungyeon actually look adorable together? They look good together, I am actually rooting for them to date! They’re just so cute in matching couple shirts, holding hands, smiling. And they look really happy. Sigh, my new OTP? Haha! Anyway, more cute and adorbs photos under the cut!

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I was too busy this week (busy at sleeping, that is) that I wasn’t able to post birthday greetings! I was busy sleeping to compensate for the other days that I didn’t get some sleep. So I was busy at practically everything! Haha!

January 15! Happy Birthday to Daegu Man, 2PM‘s Junsu! When I say “2P”, you say “M”. TUPIEM!

January 17. Happy Birthday, Super Junior‘s Kang In! *I should probably finish SUJU’s variety shows.*

January 18! Happy Birthday to maknaes, KARA‘s Jiyoung and 2NE1‘s Minzy! I hope KARA will move past this issue, whole and happy. Minzy, keep rocking!

That’s it for the birthdays I missed! I hope not to miss any birthday next time! 😛