Recent Saves (2)

This round is brought to you by my need to share this gif of Ji Chang-wook. (And my overcompensating nature for the lack of posts last week.)

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Bye, Wookie HUHUHU | Film Review: Fabricated City (2017)

Ji Chang-wook has left for the army today (ANDWAEEEEEEE) and I decided to send him off by watching his latest film, Fabricated City, which was a blockbuster success early this year. I’ll be mostly babbling about the film so if you have nothing better to do then go read my thoughts on Fabricated City! Continue reading →

Stills from Channel A’s Bachelor’s Vegetable Store

Ooooohhh, now the stills above make me wanna watch this drama. A vegetable store run by bachelors endowed with SIX-PACK ABS? Hmmm, they ain’t need no marketing strategies? That’s it and that’s everything! Haha!

Channel A’s Bachelor’s Vegetable Store starring Ji Chang Wook has its premiere on December 21 and airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

More stills under the cut for you to enjoy!

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