Two New Photos of Yoo Seung Ho and IU for G by Guess

*chants DATE DATE DATE until they date* Hahaha! If Yoo Seung Ho won’t be with me, he needs to be with IU. Hahaha! Anyway, here’s a photo of them together released earlier. So excited for the full catalogue!

Teaser Photo for G by GUESS SS12 Campaign with IU and Yoo Seung Ho

They’re so cute! And they look so youthful and good together. Aaaaww, I suddenly remember their duet. ❤ Anyway, they look so good together I want them to date NOW. Hahahaha! That would make me really giddy though it’s gonna be bittersweet because I love YSH. But if he’s with IU, it’s alright with me because I adore IU!

Anyway, sigh, just a single photo… to tease us. WHY? I am SO on the lookout for more photos from this set. You bet I’m gonna post the photos when they’re released. Waiting~

IU and Song Joong Ki for Le Coq Sportif

Milky skins! Although the one-true-milky-skin couple is Wooyoung x IU!


SOOOOOOO CUUUUTE! Three more photos under the cut! :DDD

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IU for YS’B


IU’s photoshoot for clothing brand YS’B with an autumn concept! Aaaww, resident cutie! 😀 I LOVE HER CLOTHES! I am seriously so envious right now!

More pictures under the cut! 🙂

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IU and Seo In Gook for UNIONBAY

Two of the cutest faces around! We all know IU is cute but Seo In Gook is cute too! I like Seo In Gook but I haven’t mentioned him in this blog so don’t be too surprised. Haha!


More pictures under the cut!

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Dream High Cast Dances to SNSD’s Genie

I saw this before but didn’t bothered to watch it because I didn’t know that Kim Soo Hyun danced in this! OMG. Taecyeon, Suzy, IU and Kim Soo Hyun danced to Genie and was caught by fancams. So excited to see the actual clip from whatever episode this will appear. I don’t care about the idol’s dancing because they do that for a living but KIM SOO HYUN DANCING TO GENIE, this I must see! OMG he’s so cute shaking his thang. HAHAHAHA =)) And I dare say he nailed it, although he’s in the back.

Dream High Fourth Teaser Trailer

I know, I know, the first episode already aired. But I just got to know that there’s a fourth trailer so I’ll just post this for the record.

My Internet connection died on me when the airport scene was starting. I’m guessing that’s Wooyoung’s first appearance. And what’s wrong with the soompi thread of Dream High? There are no spazzing people whatsoever. And I can’t find (as of now), a live recapper/transcapper so I’m a sad fangirl. T_T I hope I’ll find one soon enough or girlfriday will post a recap asap since she’s so hyped about this. But I’ll be downloading it! Can’t miss English-speaking Wooyoung! 😀

Dream High Releases OST Part 1

Less than 24 hours into the premiere of Dream High (AND YES, IT’S 2AM AND I’M IN NO WAY SLEEPY), Part 1 of the OST has been released. Part 1 of Dream High’s OST contains two songs sang by the idol cast members. Listen to it here! Excited for Dream High although afraid that my Internet will disappear later. *worried*

Dream High – Wooyoung, Suzy, JOO, Taecyeon

Someday – IU

Enjoy! 😀

Dream High 5-minute Preview

Here’s the 5-minute trailer for Dream High! Weehoo! So. Excited. Wooyoung’s part was SO FUNNY. Wooyoung as a Korean-American? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Is it my turn already? I said, is it my turn? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I didn’t recognize IU, omo. Eunjung is so cute! And Kim Soo Hyun, just perfect, even with that hair. Taec and Wooyoung dancing OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG ❤ Yeehoo! January 3!

Dream High Posters

Here are two poster for the soon-to-premier drama, Dream High. Its first episode will hit Korea’s TV screens and international streaming sites (HAHA) on January 3.


I’m sure I’m gonna try Episode 1, unless I read really BAD reviews. And I mean, BAD, because with Wooyoung as an international dance student dubbed as a genius and with the expectation that he’ll be spouting some English, I need REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD first impressions to back down. Kim Soo Hyun, save this ship if something unforgivable happens. 😛