Ikuta Toma to Star in Two-Part Movie Adaptation of “Bokura ga Ita”


The live-action adaptation of Obata Yuki’s popular shoujo manga “Bokura ga Ita” (“We Were There”) has cast Ikuta Toma (26) and Yoshitaka Yuriko (22). The movie is being split into two, both directed by Miki Takahiro (“Solanin”). The films will be released in 2012 with only a month between showings! Now, that is a treat!

The story follows the romance of its two main characters over a span of 10 years, from high school to their mid-20s. Ikuta plays the super popular Yano Motoharu, whose girlfriend was killed in a car accident. Yoshitaka plays Takahashi Nanami, who falls in love with Yano but struggles with his inability to let go of the past.

I admit I haven’t been keeping tab on Ikuta Toma that much and I haven’t watched Majo Saiban because I can’t find slash I’m lazy to find download links. And I haven’t checked if his recent movies are now available to download. But it’s always nice to see that he has a new project. And I can totally see him with the haircut of the manga character. Just sayin’. 🙂

Source: tokyograph

Ikuta Toma Magazine Scans

From Duet’s December Issue, Soda’s December Issue, Potato’s November Issue, Grease Photos, Wink Up’s December Issue

Enjoy! ❤

Plans for this Blog :D

I realized that people are linked to my blog when they search for “ikuta toma”. And that made me feel bad and look back. I was so into Toma when I made this blog so I made it with his name in the URL. I didn’t mean to make this a Toma blog, if you know what I’m trying to explain. I just used Toma’s name because I was so addicted to him but his blog is in no way dedicated to Toma. This is my blog and if you’ve been reading ever since, you’ll notice that I never posted anything substantial before and treated this as my personal blog when my plan was for it to be a blog wherein I put reviews of dramas and movies.

That sentence was really long.

Anyway, I am still trying to post reviews because as you know, I’m the laziest person. HAHA! Recently, with my semestral break giving me some time, I’ve been updating this blog. With news and everything. I’m trying to be a well-updated blog of news about Korean and sometimes Japanese dramas and everything I’m interested in. Be it Kpop, American TV series, anything. But I felt like I’m misleading everyone with that URL. Oh well.

So, I’ll TRY to post news about Toma every now and then, when there is actual news, okay? And I’ll also urge myself to update everyday. You see, I’m really updated with all the news and everything, it’s just that I don’t post them. So, let’s see if I can keep up with that.

I feel really sorry for Toma and my Japanese fandoms. I was so into Japanese stuff before. Jpop, jrock, jdramas, all sorts of Japanese things. But my interest took a different path and now I’m onboard on the Korean craze. I’ve been into Korean dramas even way before I was addicted to Japanese ones but when I got into Kpop, I can’t stop. So now, my main fandoms are Korean. I still love YUI and AAA and Aqua Timez and Veltpunch and I still love watching Jdrams although that has been onhold for a very very long time, but as of the moment, I’m totally out of the loop. So, I’m really sorry, especially to myself.

I hope I can look back at this post and see that I really did these plans. The plans again are:

  • Post news and everything about Ikuta Toma
  • Post reviews of everything you’ve watched. (THERE ARE TONS.)
  • Update regularly. As much as I can. Everyday. HAHA!
  • Try to rekindle my love for things Japanese.

And hey, I manage a lot of fyeah in Tumblr so just click those links in the blogroll. Good luck to me! 😀

Ikuta Toma to star in “The Tale of Genji”

From tokyograph:

Actor Toma Ikuta has been chosen to star as Hikaru Genji in a new movie adaptation of “The Tale of Genji.” The film, tentatively titled “Genji Monogatari,” is being directed by Yasuo Tsuruhashi (“Ai no Rukeichi”) and reportedly has a budget of more than 1 billion yen.

“The Tale of Genji,” generally believed to have been writtern by noblewoman Murasaki Shikibu during the 11th century, is considered a classic piece of Japanese literature. The story has appeared in countless forms throughout the centuries, including theater, opera, and film.

Ikuta was reportedly chosen for the role by executive producer Tsuguhiko Kadokawa while filming was in progress for “Ningen Shikkaku,” which opened in February. Actors who have previously played the role on the big screen include Kazuo Hasegawa in 1951 and Raizo Ichikawa in 1961. On television, the part has also been played by singer Kenji Sawada (62) and Shonentai’s Noriyuki Higashiyama (43).

“Genji Monogatari” is scheduled for release in 2011.

Source: Sankei Sports

I am so happy for my boy! Keep it up, Toma-kun! ❤ (this blog’s namesake HAHA)

Ikuta Toma in An An magazine T_T

Okay, it would be too hard to post even if it’s summer since I have summer classes to ease up my load in the future sems. Gah, really sorry. I’ve watched a lot of movies lately (Asian and Hollywood and British) and I hope I can make a review about it. Huhu. And I’m obsessed with Ben Whishaw lately so I downloaded his movies and even some TV shows. I drained youtube for videos, you know what I mean. XD I suddenly feel bad for Kpop because I’m not as updated as I can be. I don’t read much articles in a day. T_T And I love David Henrie and Wizards of Waverly Place and Disney and Nickelodeon so I’ve been watching those too. HAHA :)) Can’t help it. Anyway, will be posting as soon as my lazy butt decided to move. XD

And yeah, Toma is in An An magazine. I just saw in my Tag Surfer. And not much exposure, topless at the most but with a back shot with his butt crack seen. T_T I don’t want anyone to touch him and I don’t want him to do those things. But then, when you’re in An An, well. Ohwell. Toma, I still love you so much. XD

(is supposed to do MANY homeworks but then spazzing and ranting. *sigh* When will I change? T_T)

Ikuta Toma’s New CM for Lotte Acuo Gum

Just saw this in my Tag Surfer! OMG, I’m so happy I discovered Tag Surfer. :DD

Everyone who smells his breath after chewing Acuo gum became anime characters. Pretty funny, ne? :))

And because of this, I youtube-d some more of his Acuo gum endorsements. HAHA :))

Not as cool as the first one. Next is with Eikura Nana. :))

I think comedy really suits Toma. XD I’m not saying that he doesn’t suit doing some drama but when he does comedy, anyway. 😀

EDIT: I was checking if the vids are still working. I changed one vid because it’s broken already. And as I was searching, I found another ACUO gum endorsement with TOMA!

OMG THIS CF I JUST FOUND IZ SO AWESOME! I mean, JUST WATCH IT. Toooomaaaaa ❤ OMG, seriously, this vid, GAH, I can’t even look at Toma straightly because I’m gushing. Haha!

And a CM from long ago, featuring 3Tops that I stumbled upon. Chibis are always cute!


September 28: Happy Birthday Shindong!


September 30: Happy Birthday Nissy!


October 7: Happy Birthday Ikuta Toma!



October 11: Happy Birthday Henry!


October 15: Happy Birthday Donghae!


Sorry that it’s soooooo late. Here’s the story. Typhoon Ondoy, globally known as Ketsana, hit the Philippines. And I had my own Ondoy experience too. I wasn’t able to go home that day after my exam and was actually stranded at uni. I slept at some dorm in uni and went home the next day when the flood subsided. I’m sleepy. I was planning to tell the full story of my abrupt and unannounced hiatus but I guess I need to sleep. It’s just that I had no internet connection for three weeks because the typhoon made it impossible for out internet service provider to fix it since their office was flooded. Yeah. How sad. But now, I have internet and it’s my semestral break! Yey!

Voice – First Impression

I was planning to do this post before I watch Episode 2. But I was so bored awhile ago that I watched Episode 2 already. So, there.

Voice was quite different from what I expected, but it’s okay as long as there is Eita and Toma in it. XD

As I think that every fangirl or every person interested in this has read its synopsis, I won’t place any synopsis.

I think it is quite obvious why I’m watching this. Aside from Toma being in here, this is Eita’s first major role. As in MAJOR role so I can’t just let it pass. (I haven’t finished the dramas of the last season and here I am watching another drama. Hahaha.) And so, I am watching it. Continue reading →

first post. weeeeeh. <:-P

ok, so there. i’m new here in wordpress. and this blog is dedicated to fangirls like me! i just adore those girls who post everything for their co-fangirls. i think it’s plain obvious that i heart toma-kun more than anyone else. so yeah, there. but i also love other asian drama/celebrities, mostly japanese ones. but i do watch and love korean and taiwanese dramas too. 🙂 so most posts here will be just picspams or news or whatsoever regarding my loves. 🙂 i hope i can update this frequently. 🙂

here’s a HAWWWWT picture of toma. whenever i see this pic, i go kfnsbhgsghfiowenqflnweftghweispfj. and i faint. but i will find myself waking up just for the sake of staring at it again. and fainting again. and the cycle goes on. heehee. :))


toma-kun at his finest

toma-kun at his finest