Yoo Ah In and HyunA for High Cut


Holy moly! Yoo Ah In is hot and HyunA is hot and together, they are SIZZLING. Who thought to make them pose together is a genius. More under the cut!

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Trouble Maker (Hyunseung of Beast and HyunA of 4Minute) for High Cut Korea Vol. 67

Two more under the cut!

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Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker (Hyunseung of Beast and HyunA of 4Minute) MV

Blame my sister! She is SO obsessed with this song that it’s the only song she listens to ever since I got home (since she hasn’t seen me for three days). But I’m glad she did because I now love this song too! Plus it’s Hyun Seung and Hyun Ah so YEYEYEYEY! The whistles are FREAKIN’ amazing, I can’t help but hum it since I don’t know how to whistle. Yeap, it’s some days late but whatever, here it is! Enjoy!

Hyun Ah is so sexy and I just can’t help think how they did this. I mean, they’re friends, right? Isn’t that awkward? They’re so touchy and they’re grinding HAHAHA! Anyway, just goes to say that they’re so professional even at a young age. Go go Trouble Maker! 😀

Bubble Pop – HyunA

Why so sexy, HyunA? I mean, gah. You were once sorta fat and now you’re thin and sexy as hell. It’s sorta awkward for me that she’s tanned because I’m so accustomed to her super fair skin. And this video has over 9.6 million views already after 2 weeks! And the comments section is full of perverted comments. It’s also sorta weird that summer’s over here in the Philippines and summery songs are the thing in Korea.

Anyway, the only regret I have is watching a performance of this after watching Mona Lisa. Because, this is the one stuck in my head right now! Yeah, it’s bubblepop and cutesy and HyunA just mixes the cute and sexy right off the bat. How?! I dunno. Anyway, this song is so cute and it will surely get stuck in your head too. MWAHAHAHA! Join the club!

Aaaaawww, HyunA.

I know, this is somewhat old news but still. I’m back from my vacation and so I’m still catching up on news. XD

cr: YelloPhase@youtube

Yonsei AKARAKA 2010. Okay, so HyunA performed a lil bit of Change when fans started chanting and wanting it when the music played. It wasn’t planned at all! She was really shy! Okay, I know I hated HyunA before but it’s in the past now! I love it that she’s really shy deep inside but she’s oozing with charisma and awesomeness onstage. She’s such a pro. Prolly the next Hyori as some people say. Anyway, she was really shy but Jinwoon backed her up and started rapping to ease her nervousness and tension. OMG, I love Jinwoon. And then she started dancing in those HEELS and in THAT SHORT DRESS. I wonder how the heck can she do that. Anyway, she was really great. And I bet, she’s really tensed and she encouraged the audience to cheer for her, maybe to ease her and remove the nervousness. HyunA fighting! Even though I don’t watch Invincible Youth, I’m a fan (?). 🙂

Catching up with 4minute’s comeback and everyone else. Too many performances to watch, too slow internet connection. Gah.