Park Hae-jin for High Cut Korea Vol. 217

Oppa, we need you in a drama soon! Park Hae-jin is also one of my OG oppas. I even watched a family drama for him back then. HAHAHA More photos under the cut!

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Wanna One for High Cut Korea Vol. 216

This photoshoot looks so uninspired, I was thinking of not posting it but whatever. The boys look SO TIRED, with puffy eyes and everything. I don’t like some of the poses too. Moreover, I don’t think High Cut is to blame but WHAT IS WITH DANIEL’S HAIR? It looks like noodles! And limp! Anyway, more photos under the cut! Continue reading →

Jung Hye-sung for High Cut Korea Vol. 213

Jung Hye-sung (Mysterious Il-seungManhole) is wearing soft, see-through natural tones for High Cut Korea Vol. 213. Two more photos under the cut! (I adored her ever since Chief Kim and I’m still on the road to watching everything she’s in. Loved her in her We Got Married stint with Gong Myung!) Continue reading →

Cast of film With the Gods for High Cut Korea Vol. 211

Oooohhh, the star power in this photoshoot! With the Gods is the film adaptation of a popular webtoon, scheduled to release this December. And seriously, JUST LOOK AT THAT CAST! Continue reading →

Suzy for High Cut Korea Vol. 210

Suzy dons on some GUESS pieces for this volume of High Cut Korea. She looks beautiful in this shoot. More photos under the cut! Continue reading →

Epik High for High Cut Korea Vol. 208

Epik High has released a new album after three years last Monday entitled WE’VE DONE SOMETHING WONDERFUL and has gone on to snag ALL of the #1 spots in ALL of the music charts in South Korea. And rightfully so because the album is so good, as expected of them. The lyrics, the musicality. I cried, okay. Under the cut are three more photos from this shoot for High Cut! Continue reading →

WINNER for High Cut Korea Vol. 205

HELLO, MAH BOYS. WINNER is gracing the cover of High Cut Vol. 205, donning on Ellesse Korea, a sports apparel brand (originally from Italy). Click under the cut for more! Continue reading →

Tiffany for High Cut Korea Vol. 90


I love love love this shot. More under the cut!
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So Ji Sub for High Cut Korea Vol. 90




Smolder smolder. More under the cut!

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Sulli for High Cut Korea Vol. 89


More under the cut! Enjoy!
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