Film Review: Halfway (2009)

I feel bad that I just watched this last night since it was released in theaters back in 2009 . T_T I just watched it last night because I feel bad that I haven’t watched it but I made an fyeah for Okada Masaki (fuckyeahokadamasaki, click!). Making an fyeah implies that I must really love him (which I do, I really do!) and that I have watched him in almost all, if not all of his appearances. I promise to watch his other dramas and films as well when I can. It’s just that I have many things to watch slash think about and as usual, uni. I really wonder how other people do fandom and work/school at the same time that well. šŸ˜„ Anyway, enough with the blab and let’s get this done XP (I’d be stealing screencaps because I just streamed this *asks for forgiveness*) (I was searching baidu for caps when I realized that they actually capped every single second or whatever in the film and so there are 486 pictures for the Halfway gallery and I don’t know what caps to use :o)


Halfway is about the two high school students in love. Heck, it’s about making decisions actually, with love as a hindranceĀ thing to think about.

Hiro (Kii Kitano) is watching a basketball game with Shuu (Okada Masaki) playing in it. She gets a little too excited I think, and has anemia and so she thinks she’ll faint so she and her friend went to the clinic. Continue reading →