Han Ye Seul for InStyle

I have nothing really to say about Han Ye Seul or this photoshoot. Oh, this was in Bali. Anyway, more under the cut!

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Han Ye Seul for Allure

What gives? Oooohhh, Alice in Wonderland. I sorta see what they’re describing as modern day Alice in Wonderland though I would agree what goodange of Couch Kimchi said that she’s more like the Queen of Hearts with the hair and the general feel. But whatever with these concepts. It has always been a superhit or a supermiss with these. Haha! Anyway, more photos under the cut! Enjoy!

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Penny-Pinching Romance Releases Posters and Another Trailer

Song Joong Ki stars as a loser hero who can’t date girls because he’s always broke and Han Ye Seul as the heroine who doesn’t date because she thinks it’s not worth the cost and only thinks of making money. It looks so quirky and fun and I wanna watch it already! Penny-Pinching Romance premieres on November 10.

Here’s another poster. The colors are so lovely in both posters. Now these are posters that encourage people to watch the film!

Penny-Pinching Romance starring Han Ye Seul and Song Joong Ki Releases Teaser

The movie looks so cute and quirky! Plus, it looks HI-LARIOUS. I hope so! And as usual, Song Joong Ki looks so fiiiine and cute! ❤

Song Joong Ki plays the role of Ji Woong, an unemployed guy who can’t have a stable girlfriend because he’s always broke. Therefore, he develops these skills to earn money and he meets Hong Shin, played by Han Ye Seul, whose only goal in life is to earn money. They embark on a mission to obviously, earn money, and fall in love in the process.

I love romcoms and I love hijinks so so so so EXCITED! ❤

Some stills under the cut!

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Myung-wol the Spy Releases Teaser Trailer

I seriously hope that javabeans and girlfriday will recap it. Excited! 😀 I’m too busy to actually watch it but I’ll definitely read the recaps if I find some. And btw, my Internet’s back after 21 days! Yey for me! 😀 I can post noooooow!

Myung-wol the Spy aka Beautiful Spy Releases Poster Stills


This drama looks cute! I instantly laughed when I saw this photo. Hahaha! Beta-male! You guys don’t know how much I love beta-male characters. Hyun-soo in Smile, You, Dae-woong in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and the list goes on. It’s so fun and rewarding rooting for the underdog. Gah, why am I like this? HAHA

Anyway, Myung-wol the Spy (International Title: Beautiful Spy) will air starting July 4, replacing Baby-Faced Beauty at KBS. It stars Eric Mun as a Hallyu actor and Han Ye Seul as a North Korean spy tasked to stop the Hallyu fever in North Korea. And it definitely doesn’t hurt that Lee Jin Wook stars as the second male lead and is a spyyy. (He’s back from the army and he’s so hot. <3) Will definitely check this out!


First Teaser Stills of Beautiful Spy starring Eric and Han Ye Seul

I haven’t even watched Eric in anything but when I saw these stills, I just want to post it. And it made me want to watch this or read the recap. Whatever. Eric is so cool in this, gah, I’m fanning myself right now. And Han Ye Seul as a North Korean agent, SO COOL! I’m interested in the plot! I think they have chemistry and whatever, the plot the plot the plot!


Eric plays a Hallyu actor and Han Ye Seul a North Korean agent whose lives intertwine when Han Ye Seul’s character infiltrates South Korea! Her mission? To stop the spread of Hallyu Fever in North Korea. LOL. OMG, this is so gonna be epic! That or it will fail. *prays fervently that it will not fail* Rom-coms! ❤ Will definitely read the recaps for this one. I hope it gets recapped. *fingers crossed*


International Title is Beautiful Spy but the literal translation would be Myung-wol the Spy. Heehee. 😛